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Does Silicone Ripple Less Than Overfilled Saline?

I went for my first consult last week and I was unfortunately told that I am not a good candidate for saline due to being thin and having only a small... READ MORE

Can a 800cc saline Implant Be Overfilled to 1200-1500cc to Have a Rounder Shape?

Can a 800cc moderate plus saline implant be overfilled to at least 1200-1500cc for a more round and very firm look ? READ MORE

Is It Better to Overfill Smaller Breast Implants?

I am 5'7" and about 124lbs. I can not determine the size of Breast implants I should I get. I'm an A cup and want full breast. I would like a... READ MORE

Going 6000cc. I have been told this will require expanders. Can it be done with 800cc saline implants overfilled? (photo)

I have large natural breasts with a 22.5cm BWD and 6' in height. I have been to consultations with two different great surgeons, and they both say it... READ MORE

Why Overfill a Saline Implant Vs Just Putting in a Bigger Size?

While I have silicone implants I see a lot of the ladies who get saline have them overfilled. My question is why overfill as opposed to just putting... READ MORE

Should I Have Gone Behind the Muscle?

300cc saline mod overfilled to 360cc implants-SUB FASCIAL plane. I am just not satisfied, I feel that i have no upper pole fullness making them look... READ MORE

Is It Okay Not to Overfill Implants?

Hi everyone! I TWO questions (: I am going to get implants in a few months I am wondering is it okay NOT to overfill implants? I heard that... READ MORE

Saline Slightly over Filled on Small Breast, Thin Frame - is This Right?

I saw a surgeon who recommended saline 275cc slightly overfilled (under muscle) to minimise rippling I am 100lb and 5.3 with very petite frame but do... READ MORE

Can a 325cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline Implant Be Overfilled by More Than 50cc?

Hi ! I had saline implants two months ago and my doctor filled smoothe round moderate profile saline of 325cc to 390cc on the right side and to 400cc... READ MORE

Breast Implant Fill Ranges?

Went for my pre- op appointment today and PS ordered Mentor high profile 560cc implants but said they can be filled up to 675cc. What is the... READ MORE

Do I have a chance? 9 days ago I had saline implants under muscle. 290 filled 330 right/350 left

I have att. the post op pic,showing assymetry. I also attached recent photos. It gets confusing because some were mirror pic, the last one is not. MY... READ MORE

Moderate Profile Overfilled to Get Moderate Plus Effect?

Hi, I am 5"2 - 95lbs. I've decided to get saline and my PS recommended moderate profile overfilled to get moderate plus effect to achieve a... READ MORE

Does Overfilling Saline Implants Void Warranty?

Why do doctors often overfill? How much overfilling is too much? READ MORE

If my Saline Breast Implant is Overfilled, Will the Manufacturer's Warranty Be Voided?

At my post-op appt yesterday, I learned the fill volumes of my Mentor smooth round mod plus saline implants: Left - 375 filled to 450cc & Right -... READ MORE

Help! To They Look Normal at This Point?

I am a 21 year old mother of a 2 Year Old girl . 5'1" and 110lbs I had My breast augumentation 14 days ago. My breast weare verry saggy so Thats why i... READ MORE

Questions regarding overfilling implants.

If I have a Natrelle High Profile 320-340 implant. would overfilling 10% of it be 320+32=352cc or 340+32=372cc? Would 370cc be firm in this case? I am... READ MORE

My Implant Size Was 290 and They Were Filled Each with 320cc's. is This Ok?

I just had surgery two days ago and I would like to better understand why the implant size was 290 and they were filled with 320cc each. Is this ok. I... READ MORE

Breast augmentation -425cc "filled to" 550cc. I'm confused on what it means to "fill" the breasts to a different size?

I've been reading/following women on real self, most will just say "I got 410cc HP Silicone" but then I will see others say, "450cc filled to 500cc"... READ MORE

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