Over Muscle To Under Muscle + Breast Implants

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I've had 3 surgeries, 1 saline, 2 coh gel. Saline didn't look natural. Gel showed rippling. Should I try again? (photo)

I am a 34A. 350cc sal didn't have a smooth transition from my chest to the implant. I have a wide breast bone. Another Dr said coh gel would look more... READ MORE

Can I Switch 25 Year-old Implants from over to Under?

My implants are nearly 25 year-old. I don't have any problems with them. They were placed above the muscles. I'm very fortunate that they're not... READ MORE

How many cc's would you say these are? (Photos)

Had my old implants taken out for new ones don't know the cc's was 13 years ago over the muscle.told ps wanted same size with an anchor lift he gave... READ MORE

How can I increase my breast size without more rippling?

Hi, I had my implants 10 yrs ago.They are saline gel,325cc overs.Since, I lost a stone and am now a size 8 and have rippling at the sides. It doesn't... READ MORE

Breast implants over the muscle. If I went under the muscle, would I have had a better result? (Photo)

Hi I have had breast implants 420cc moderate over the muscle I feel they look like the breast implants are low in the breast and are hanging if I went... READ MORE

Lateral displacement and is it worth fixing? (Photos)

7 months ago I had my 350HP overs revised to under muscle due to CC (same size). My left crease is now lower than the right, too low, but my PS will... READ MORE

Pocket conversion after 3 surgeries?

I'm wanting to know if I can move my above muscle implants to under the muscle or partially under the muscle pocket to cover up the implant and reduce... READ MORE

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