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Is Good Implants Outcome More Difficult for Differently Sized and Shaped Breasts?

I'm severely disproportionate with different areola sizes also and am worried that a breast augmentation will still make me look odd even with a... READ MORE

Do I have snoopy deformity?

I'm 5 weeks out, I hate my outcome. I know it's early but I have no breast tissue that I can feel ag the top. I went with a doctor that several... READ MORE

I am booked in to get a BA on the 29th of August and I am still unsure and confused about what size I should choose. (Photo)

My surgeon has said that for the look that I want that moderate profile in 295cc would be the best option however the nurse who measured me for a bra... READ MORE

How can I go about having this terrible defect corrected? (Photos)

I'm hitting 2yrs post op - under muscle placement. Last year, I started noticing a crimping effect when lifting items. I thought maybe I was just... READ MORE

Can I fix my breasts with breast implants? Do I need a lift? Why surgeons refuse to to operate me? Do I have ptosis? (Photos)

Surgeons refuse to do ba for me saying that it's because my breasts are large and the outcome will be bad.Can a ba help me? Can my breasts looks... READ MORE

How does saline implants feel like? Can we tell the doctor that we want the outcome to be squishy/bouncy?

Does it feel like a balloon filled up with water? I've noticed that some say it is firmer than silicone but in some, they look/bounce in similar ways.... READ MORE

Help - XL breasts, terrified of the outcome! (photos)

Like I said I'm a 34C 130 pounds and want to place 800cc's in me my desired photos I have added & my breasts now BUT I am told by this surgeon... READ MORE

"Rapid Recovery" breast augmentation: is this an ideal method for less trauma and shorter recovery?

I have been hearing many woman remark that their surgeons used this "rapid recovery" or "flash recovery" and that they had great outcomes with less... READ MORE

What's the difference in terms of outcome between HP vs UHP, based on my picture and frame? (photo)

I'm in my late 30's, my body haven't changed since my late 20's and I'm not planning to have children. I'm wearing xs in clothing and fit b/c in bra's... READ MORE

Realistic outcome of high profile 415cc silicone round under muscle with my body shape? (photo)

I've lost approximately 90 pounds over 6 years. I was a DD and decreased to a C. I had a breast lift in 2009 and lost another 25 resulting in a... READ MORE

4 Months Post Op with Breast Augment, now newly pregnant. What will happen with my implants during pregnancy and after? (Photo)

I am wondering what will happen with my breast implants during the pregnancy process and post-pregnancy. I know every case is different, but any... READ MORE

Will 475cc increase my cup size from B cup size to D cup size?

My PA recommend 475cc high profile silicone Implants for my height, which is 5'9" and weight is 153. My desired outcome is no sagging ,natural... READ MORE

Over the muscle textured high profile implants?

I'm booked in for implants on Wednesday. I originally booked in for a lift and implants but the surgeon thinks that I should get a good out come with... READ MORE

With silicone implants after 2 years do I need the capsule out?

If the caspule is left in when I flex my chest muscle will you see it like when the implant is in? Also does removing capsule effect the outcome of... READ MORE

I don't know what to do about a doctor who won't provide me with a predictable can I move forward?

Two days ago I paid for surgery at my first consultation for 340cc shaped to correct constricted breasts, the next day the doctor changed-250cc round... READ MORE

Can patients request breast surgery revision at the doctors cost if a doctor's mistakes or errors cause issues for the patient?

Do any doctors offer a 'guarantee' of sorts in relation to specific outcomes notwithstanding things that are outside the doctors control Eg; putting... READ MORE

Is it a bad idea to get breast implants before having a baby?

I am researching to see if it is ok to get breast implants before having our first child, I would plan to breastfeed so I would be going for a crease... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Removal as preventative measure, replacement with Implants?

Hi, I have had breast problems for as long as I can remember: cysts, adenoma, a mixture of densities a couple of cancer scares (including being told I... READ MORE

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