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Why is One Implant Firmer Than the Other? Is It Capsular Contracture?

I got submuscular silicone implants 11 months ago. My left side is soft & moves around well in the pocket, but the right side is much firmer. It... READ MORE

Asymmetric Breasts - Can You Get One Breast Implant?

Can you get one implant when you have asymmetrical breasts? would it look normal to have one implant to correct the A cup to match the C cup? Each... READ MORE

Average Price for One Breast Implant Replacement?

How much is the average cost to replace one breast implant? (yes, cost varies.. but is it significantly less than average procedure for left and right... READ MORE

Asymmetric Breasts: One Implant or Two?

My right breast is one cup size smaller than my left. I love the size of my left breast. I have thick skin and they are both perky/no sagging. I have... READ MORE

My breast (w/ gel implant) was hit by a shed door. I have pain under my breast & it hurts when I move. Did I break the capsule?

I've had breast implants for 26 years. in '07 had replacement done. right breast felt firmer.i massage regularly. was going in shedwind caught door... READ MORE

I have Breast Implants and I think I have a possible fibroadenoma. What should I do?

Hi! I had a BA 15 months ago under the muscle. About 5 years ago I had a fibroadenoma removed from my right breast. Today I felt something hard... READ MORE

I have had pain for 2 days in one breast after running hard. Have I done damage to my breast implant?

I am 14 months post breast aug.I was given 365cc's under the muscle, healed well,no abnormal pain after the op. About 1week ago I went running & this... READ MORE

11 days post op, lower pole of my right breast is looking flat and "pudgy." Will this change with time? (photos)

250cc sub glandular implant with lollipop incision breast lift. Had asymmetry pre-op, right breast sat much lower and was larger in size (some tissue... READ MORE

Seroma after explant - how soon does aspiration need to happen?

Doctors, I'm so confused with conflicting information on seroma after explant. One month post op I found out I had fluid in my right breast. My PS... READ MORE

1 implant to correct breast asymmetry?

My left side is about 2 cup sizes smaller than my right (A/C). My areola on my left side (smaller side) is about 2 cm higher, at 20cm from the bottom... READ MORE

I had saline BA about 7 years ago and now have pain in my left breast. Is this normal, what should I do?

It looks the same size though. Pain worse w/ period. I may have slipping rib sydrome with tietze sydrome. Could those cause my pain?. Plus I may also... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts. Is it possible to get a small implant in the smaller one without requiring an implant in the other?

My breasts are quite asymmetrical with one of them being an A cup and the other being a full B. I really like my breasts but I dislike that their... READ MORE

Follow-up: Here is a new picture. (Photo)

Is like my breast taking turns on what big two weeks ago it was my left bigger then my right now is my right bigger then my left READ MORE

​I have some distortion and unevenness after implants. Can my muscle tissue be repaired to correct this?

I had augmentation back in april of 2010, and all was fine until about 8 months later.  One breast had settled nice and perky, and the other was... READ MORE

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