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Over the Muscle Breast Implant Placement Best for Sagging from Nursing?

I had 2 more consultations for breast augmentation today, and now I'm even more confused. I'm a 36C (deflated C) and do have a small amount of... READ MORE

Breast Feeding with Breast Implants - Possible? What Are the Risks?

After years of trying, my husband and I just found out that we are about to have our first child.  I am ecstatic, but I am very worried that the... READ MORE

Stop Breast Feeding Before I Can Get Breast Implants?

I have 6 children the youngest being a year and I am breastfeeding her as well. I'm sure you know after so many children, the breasts just end up... READ MORE

It is possible for the saline implant to be rupture while pumping/nursing?

Hello, I'm 29 and have had my saline implant done for 2 years. I recently gave birth to a baby girl and started pumping for milk for about 2 weeks now... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous? Could surgery help me? (Photo)

I've always known something was wrong. They used to be so small it was just mostly nipple. But now I'm 50 lbs overweight and nursing for 14 months.... READ MORE

Does getting a 421cc from Natrelle make the boob sag because its to big/heavy?

I want to get a 421cc size from Natrelle, but I am afraid the size is going to be too big. I plan on having kids in about 4 years and I know that... READ MORE

Is a lift necessary? (photo)

I want to switch these saline implants to silicone. After nursing, the implants are very palpable. I've gone to a couple of consultations, and one... READ MORE

Are 450cc too big on me? Should I go down 100ccs in 6 months? Will my skin be saggy? (Photos)

I am 2weeks post op and have been so depressed and have anxiety. I think I went too big. I started with barely any breast tissue left after nursing 3... READ MORE

Can an implant move from under the muscle?

I have implants and am currently nursing my one year old. One side seems to be quite different than the other. When I put my hands on my hips and flex... READ MORE

Is lift required with implants after nursing?

I am currently researching breast augmentation in the NorCal/SoOregon area. I am currently a 30G/32F but much of that is extra skin rather than breast... READ MORE

I have firmer breast after nursing. Is the changes are related to nursing or maybe cc?

I had implants put in under the muscle in 2008. They have always been fairly soft and squishy until I got pregnant and started to breast feed my now 4... READ MORE

375cc high profile texture silicone or 400cc high profile texture silicone? (Photo)

My ps thinks that I can only do 375cc Hp texture silicone but will try to put 400cc if they will work. I've lost 50lbs in 7 months plus nursed all 4... READ MORE

Small implant rec for athletic and bony chest?

I am 5 5 and 118. Currently a small b, deflated breasts after nursing three kids. Final consult is Thursday and surgery 10/31. Any ladies with... READ MORE

Can I stop nursing on one breast for surgery and continue to nurse on the other side?

I have grade 4 capsular needing repaired in left breast asap. My son still nurses. Can we stop nursing on the one side needing surgery but continue to... READ MORE

Is there a correlation between length of time after finishing nursing and capsular contracture?

I stopped nursing my final baby in May. I would like to get a breast augmentation this fall but I'm worried about capsular contracture. I've read... READ MORE

Any suggestions on implants breast feeding and weight training? (photos)

Ive had saline implantsfor about 2 years I am nursing my son and I weight train my left boob fells softer than my right boob the look the same but I... READ MORE

Pocket conversion after 3 surgeries?

I'm wanting to know if I can move my above muscle implants to under the muscle or partially under the muscle pocket to cover up the implant and reduce... READ MORE

Breast implants too small? Had 335cc silicone implants placed 7 weeks ago. (photo)

I had 335 cc silicone implants put in 7 weeks ago . I was a very small A cup before with very thin skin from nursing and weight loss . I have thought... READ MORE

Maintaining integrity of implants while nursing

I had implants placed under the muscle 1 year ago.The implants helped the loss of volume I had after pregnancy and nursing and added some size. I... READ MORE

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