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Chest Xray with Silicone Breast Impants

Hello, I have mentor silicone implants put 3 mpnths ago. Now I have to take a chest xray for a visa where they need to see my lungs for TB and my... READ MORE

Can You Feel Breast Implants While Feeling Your Breast?

I was told by someone that during intimacy if someone was feeling the breast, they would be able to feel the breast implant shell while feeling under... READ MORE

I Can Feel the Implant on my Right Side, is This Normal?

I can feel the implant (650cc gel) on the right side in the cleavage and down around the bottom. My Dr says this is normal, that there wasnt as much... READ MORE

Will 300cc Be That Much of a Notice?

I'm going to have a breast (anchor) lift and implants on September 9. I'm currently a 38C and I told the doctor that I want to be at LEAST a D... READ MORE

Silicone 410 Implant Edge (Dual Plane) is Visible and Palpable Under the Armpit. Options?

I just discovered that when I'm laying face down, my left breast is looking horribly fake because of a very visible edge of the implant under the... READ MORE

Is 550 CC & 500 CC of silicone a noticeable difference? (Photo)

I'm scheduled in 3 weeks to get large silicone breast implants . 550cc to be exact. Under the muscle , through the armpit ?? I'm 5'7 130 & I don't... READ MORE

Will insurance cover breast implants, for uneven breast due to scoliosis?

I have struggled with severe scoliosis all of my life, & part of that has led to having a disproportional body, my whole left side has more fat.... READ MORE

Are breast rippling in breast implants usually noticeable right away after surgery or can it occur years later as well?

Are breast rippling in breast implants usually noticeable right away after surgery or can it occur years later as well? READ MORE

What is difference between 375cc and 385cc and then 385cc to 400/405cc? All HP.

For example in tablespoons amounts ans width and projection measurements. Is this a noticeable difference? Worried about going too large with the... READ MORE

Odd shaped after uplift and implants, does this look normal? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks po, I had an anchor lift with motiva, round moderate implants placed under the muscle. 375cc in my right and 335cc in my left due to a... READ MORE

If this was your patient 4 weeks post-op lift w/aug would you be happy with these results? (Photos)

I am 4 weeks post op from breast lift with augmentation. The asymmetry is still very noticeable. I went with a 300cc and 250cc implant to try to... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for breast implants? Age 33, 4 children. (Photo)

I am 33 years old. I have had 4 children. Breast never changed during pregnancy. Seems like they got lost somewhere during puberty and never could... READ MORE

Different sized implants to correct asymmetry? (photos)

Undergoing BA very soon. Should I consider getting different sized implants since my left breast is slightly smaller than my right? Or once I have... READ MORE

Breast implants: Still worried about size difference

I talked to my ps and he didn't seem to be worried about the size difference. I had said in a post before that I am 5 weeks post op, I had silicon... READ MORE

42 year old, mother of 2 sons. Op scheduled in 2 weeks. Considering 300 or 325cc silicone over the muscle. Advice? (photos)

300cc or 325cc?? Over the muscle or under?? Quickest recovery period and noticeable only to my husband (who's very excited by the way!) Everything has... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - do over-the-muscle breast implants make asymmetry of the breast more noticeable?

I am considering breast implants. I have had two consults, and one doctor said under the muscle, and the other said over the muscle to achieve the... READ MORE

Follow-up: Further measurements re: 240cc gel implants

I am booked for 240cc moderate profile gel implants. chest circumference relative to underwire of my bra is 67cm. I am 158cm/ 5'2 and petite, 47kg. I... READ MORE

Why am I "fluffing" at different rates? Will my lagging breast catch up? (Photos)

One for my breasts has been much slower to drop , I have been focusing a lot of massage to that breast for that reason. Now however, I believe the... READ MORE

18 mths aft subpectoral 350 cc teardrop implants: misalignment & obvious size difference! Advice on reducing asymmetry? (Photos)

Immediately post-op, I noticed the misalignment - right implant is closer to midline, and a side-boob is present on the left. Size was similar at... READ MORE

Will steroid injections help with puckering/dimpling after breast augmentation? (Photos)

Hello, I had a breast aug w/lift and tummy tuck in Jan and I'm hitting right at the 6 mths almost. I had 450 silicone placed. I have puckering only in... READ MORE

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