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Will Implants Appear Larger As They Heal?

I was a C cup and had 700 cc's high profile round saline 3 weeks ago n they don't look much bigger will they get fuller n big? I was about a 36 c cup... READ MORE

1month & 1wk Still the Torpedo Shape, Will It Change? or when Will I Know I Need a Revision?

Hi, I have saline filled, smooth round, 500 to 530 cc, submuscular HP implants. My breast have softened up by now alittle, I'm one month post op, I... READ MORE

Double Bubble Still Present After Revision Surgery?

I had breast augementation 7 months ago, 385 cc after taking the dressing off after one week, i noticed a bulge, after consultation with surgeon found... READ MORE

Dent After Breast Implants

I had implants 3 years ago and they have been trying to correct what looked like a dent in clevage line. now its kinda sore constantly and the doctor... READ MORE

Safest Way to Remove Saline Breast Implants?

I had a breast reduction. They removed my 340cc implants and put in 265cc but I am the same size after surgery. What can I do to make my breast a size... READ MORE

Pain and Tenderness 11 Months After Breast Implants

Pain/ skin tenderness and uncomfortable feeling of foreign object in my right breast. I had a saline implants 11 months ago. Right breast has been... READ MORE

I have a protruding sternum and very small breasts. Would I be able to get breast implants?

I'm 27 year old female. No kids. I would like to get breasts implants but not sure what kind would look the most natural with the protruding sternum. READ MORE

Just had a BA on monday and I cant even really tell as far as looking at them?

I'm a little disappointed. Has anyone else felt like this after? I guess I expected them to be a lot bigger. READ MORE

I just got 600 silicone implants 3 weeks ago and there is literally no change in the size of my breasts I am very unhappy.

How soon can I get these redone. My healing is perfect and I am back to normal and have started my exercise routine again there is literally no size... READ MORE

I have an infection in breast implant incision. Will I have to have the implants removed? I'm 23 days post op (Photo)

Hello, i had breast implants 3 weeks + 2 days ago, about 4 days ago i noticed that the incisions didn't look right. On both sides a yellowish patch... READ MORE

Follow-Up: I'm almost 3 weeks post-op and not seeing many changes. Dropping normally? (photo)

I know its normal to drop slowly, butvwhen they do finally drop into place, will the bottom of my breasts fill out and get wider? I feel that im very... READ MORE

Why won't my left breast drop? (Photos)

I am almost 4 weeks post op with 400cc Natrelle SRX (ultra high) silicone implants. I've been massaging daily and wearing a strap since the day of... READ MORE

Typical results for 1-week post op? (Photos)

I'm just one week post op and recovery has been great so far! No pain etc...just high and feeling tight. I'm feeling impatient because I've seen no... READ MORE

Red bruise on "T" scar, 6 years post op. Could this be a tear or leak?

Hi. I had implants and a breast lift 6 years ago. A few weeks ago I felt like I pulled something whilst exercising, and now have an ache in my breast... READ MORE

16 months PO BA silicone rt breast is sore and hurts when I bend over. What is going on?

Had my BA with silicone implants 16 months ago. My right Breast has always bothered me more than left (I sleep on that side) recently it has become... READ MORE

10 yrs post op, I feel that my implant leaking and I'm pregnant. I have no lumps and no change in shape. Any suggestion?

From 2 monthes ifelt very sever pain and numbness in my left arm and my left back muscle icant sleeping without analgesic and this first time this... READ MORE

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