Nipple Sensation + Breast Implants

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What is the Best Incision to Use to Maintain Nipple Sensation with Implants?

I have decided on Allergan 410FF 375 or 410FM 350 implants under the muscle. To avoid double-bubble I need a lift. The PS (very experienced) says he... READ MORE

I'm Scared of Losing Sensation on my Nipple, What Implants Are Too Large? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, I'm 5'5 and I weigh 155. I'm a size AAcup. and I'm going to get my breasts done in less than two months. I'm... READ MORE

My Right Nipple Became Very Sensitive 9 Months Post-Op Implants, What is the Problem?

I am 30.I have got silicone implants 9 months ago.4 weeks ago,my right nipple became very sensitive like my nipple was sore or cracked from... READ MORE

Breast Plant Encapsulated for Years Now Bleeding at Nipple?

I have a history of breast encapsulations and after 3 tries, have learned to live many years with my left breast hard, disconfigured and painful. My... READ MORE

Numbness on my Right Breast After 3 Months?

I had breast augmentation over 3 months ago and my right nipple as well as the lower part of my breast are still numb. It is normal? My left breast... READ MORE

Is feeling fluid underneath nipples one month after breast augmentation normal? (Photos)

I had my breast augmentation a little over a month ago (12/18/13) and have noticed underneath my nipples it feels as if there is fluid and nipples are... READ MORE

I Got my Lift and Implants Yesterday, Do They Look Normal For 1 Day PO? (photo)

Here's pics of my before and after. I know that things this be looking up soon I hope. I was wondering if they look normal for being one day post op?... READ MORE

On average, how long does it typically take for numb nipple/breast to regain sensitivity after surgery?

I am two months post op and am experiencing complete numbness in my right nipple down towards the incision in the fold. READ MORE

Nipple pain still after 1 year. Will it eventually go away or what can I do to fix it?

Its been a little over a year since I got breast implants. My left nipple was numb for months afterwards but finally the numbness went away, but the... READ MORE

How do implants look if you have stretch marks? I'm a small C cup.

Also I'm wondering about nipple sensitivity after breast implants. I've heard the nipples can go numb. Mine are very sensitive. READ MORE

When you get breast implants can you have your nipple changed?

If i were to get breast implants.. If my nipple can be changed which i think im sure because i would need a lift with the implants..But here is the... READ MORE

How sturdy are silicone implants under the muscle for bedroom play?

Okay I am asking this question on here as I am to embarrassed to look my PS in the eye and ask . Breast play in the bedroom can get a bit rough... READ MORE

How many cc's? How do I avoid the tunnel? Will I have sensation in my nipples after? (Photo)

Hi I am 5'9", 132lbs. I've always been small but after breastfeeding, my breasts are so deflated. Drives me insane. I am ready for implants and want... READ MORE

1 months post op Breast implants, are these signs of nipple sensation coming back?

Hi i had breast implant 1 month ago my nipples in the first two weeks are totaly numb but now when i touch them i feel like pain not sexual sensation... READ MORE

Loss of nipple sensation?

I am almost at 6 weeks post op and still have no sensation back. Could that mean that I've lost it for good? I got saline over the muscle, unders. I... READ MORE

Hypersensitivity of the nipple post BA. Is this normal, and will it subside?

I received two different size implants to correct asymmetry. Both of my nipples seem to be more sensitive to temperature/touch and just in general,... READ MORE

Pus from nipple 2 weeks PO. Should I be concerned?

I had my implants done two weeks ago, 700cc cohesive gel though the under arm under the muscle. Everything healing perfect but today I woke up with... READ MORE

10 days post implants: How long does it take for the electric/burning sensation in my nipples to go away?

I had an inframmary incision with 325cc silicone implants a week and a half ago. I'm experiencing some extremely painful sensations in my nipples. It... READ MORE

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