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Does Post-op Fat Necrosis of Breast Tissue Usually Resolve?

I am three months post-op from anchor lift/implants. I had a negative mammogram one month prior to surgery. I now have two areas of probable fat... READ MORE

Blister on Nipple Two Days After Lift?

Hi, I had a lift with silicon implant two days ago. One of my nipples is 90% black. This morning I woke up to find a blister on it. My doc saw me the... READ MORE

6 yrs post op Breast Implants, I feel hardness & pain on the left breast. If this is necrosis do I live with this pain & lump?

I have silicone breast implants for 6 yrs. Woke up with pain/ hardness in the left side. Went to MD who thought infection. 2 rounds of antibiotics... READ MORE

Necrosis of nipple? (Photo)

13 days PO of BL/BA TT MR and Lipo. Noticed black scab on nipple tip 2 days PO. Nurse wasn't concerned bc it wasn't incision site- But it got worse a... READ MORE

Possible extruding implant? (Photo)

I went in to my surgeon last week for concerns of a small whole in my inscision and I had spit a stitch she did an culture I have no infection but now... READ MORE

Is this the start of nipple necrosis or is this normal for healing 7 days post op? (Photos)

Worried about my incision sights looking black. Can't tell if it's dry blood or start of nipple necrosis I had the lollipop lift on my left nipple and... READ MORE

12 days post op breast augmentation - is this early signs of necrosis? (Photo)

I had my surgery for breast augmentation 12 days ago, crease incision. I went to my 1 week post op appointment a few days ago and the nurse took the... READ MORE

What are my chances of future necrosis? (Photo)

My surgeon said the hole in my left breast was caused by cutting the bands in my tubular breasts.I had to have my left implant removed and a drain put... READ MORE

Why so many complications? Should I go to new doctor? Why? What's happening? (Photo)

BMX Jan .., Jan 25 a fold in breast turned necrotic & infection with hospitalization & surgery. Feb incision opened up 2 weeks later Surgery... READ MORE

Can I get silicone implants if I have fat necrosis in my breasts? If so, what would be the safest placement for them?

2-21-16 a year ago I made the decision to have a fat transfer to my breasts. My doctor convinced me it was a safe/natural alternative to implants. I... READ MORE

Necrosis after a brown recluse bite on the breast close to the sternum. The bite occurred about a year ago and left a hole.

My sister is 57 and has been an alcoholic for 20 years. This bite left a hole the size of small pea. It has been infected, off and on, all this time.... READ MORE

Why am I in pain again and what are the bulging ligaments?

I had breast augmentation in May of 2015. About 3 days after my left breast became red, warm, painful, and the areola started to turn necrotic. A week... READ MORE

Could this be necrosis of the nipple? Surgeon says not possible after just implants as he's not touched the blood supply (Photo)

Hi I had a breast uplift over 18 months ago and everything healed perfect no problem. I've just had breast implants and 6 days after I start to notice... READ MORE

Had necrosis post breast implants, 3 months post op. I have a hard nipple area. Advice? (photos)

Hello, i had Silicon injection removal with lift (anchor) and implant in my breast 3 and half months ago, it have necrosis when it is 2 months then it... READ MORE

Really concerned; I have two areas that are still bleeding? (Photo)

Hi im quite concerned i have 2 areas that are still bleeding almost 2 1/2 weeks after surgery does this look like necrosis, i see my doctor in 1 week... READ MORE

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