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Which Breast Implant Placement Gives a More Natural Appearance?

When getting breast implants, what gives a more natural appearance, going under or over the muscle? READ MORE

What Size Implants for Small, Natural-looking Breasts?

I want to get implants, but I still want to have small breasts. Just want to have something there. I´m afraid to get the typical "implant-look", I ... READ MORE

Any Difference Between Having Implants Under the Muscle and Having Over Muscle?

I am 5.4 and 117 lb, i ware a 34 A and i am looking for a gel 325 cc. i am nervous about all i don`t know and i want to look like a natural breasts... READ MORE

Do my Breasts Look Pert and Lifted Enough After Breast Implants?

Do my breasts look pert and lifted enough after breast implants and can you tell by looking at them that they have implants in? READ MORE

Can High Profile 375 Cc Implants on Small Frame Result in "Natural Looking Breasts" (No Stripper Look) (photo)

Im a petite asian girl wanting natural BA results as I work in a conservative office. Currently 32AA 5'3.5" 110lbs 12" BWD & 26... READ MORE

Will a 330 Silicone Implant Give Me a Full B Cup?

I'm currently an A cup. I was a small B cup before nursing my two lil ones. At the initial consultation,I told my PS I want to be a full B cup,maybe a... READ MORE

Can 450cc Breast Implants Look Natural? Will They Affect My Running?

Hi, I'm 5'10 weigh 150lbs and curent bra size is 36C. I'm looking into getting silicone implants (under the muscle) for volume and... READ MORE

Would You Advise For/against 350cc High Profile Implants for This Petite Mother of 2? (photo)

The pictures show my breasts as they were when I decided to stop nursing my 2nd child. They have since then shrunk into less than 32A. No droop, but... READ MORE

High or Low Profile Implant to Acheive Best Result? (photo)

I have been to quite a few consultations now and been told different things. A) Between 300-340cc CUI high profile under the muscle (implant: 11.5... READ MORE

Can 500cc Breast Implants with Lift Give a Natural Shape?

Hello, I have lost over 150lbs. and went from a 44D to a 36 barely B cup. I had two consultations where both surgeons have recommended 500cc breast... READ MORE

Natural-looking Breast Implants for Petite Women?

How many cc's (max.) for a smaller body frame to achieve a more natural-appearance? I am 5' tall and 100 lbs. I've had one childbirth and breastfed... READ MORE

Slight Panic.. Will 260cc HP Silicone Implants Ever Look Natural?

I am currently about a month post BA with 260CC HP Silicone implants. (surgeon recommended) I am 5'8" 125 lbs, slightly athletic build,... READ MORE

For A Natural Look, is 500cc Modereate Plus Profile Silicone Implant Too Big? (photo)

I'm 5'8 and my weight is 155-160 pounds; my bras size is 36 B. I had one pregnacy, I breastfeed my baby for 3 month. I hve a consultation with... READ MORE

Would Teardrop or Round Shaped Implants Be Ideal for Someone with Limited Breast Tissue Seeking Natural, Modest Results? (photo)

I detest the look of "dramatic" cleavage on the upper portion of the breast and would prefer a more natural slope with the nipple angled... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Subfacial and Submuscular Placement? (photo)

Which would you recommend on a thin woman to get the most natural result? READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Cohesive Gel and Saline Implants?

Do cohesive gel implants look and feel more natural than saline. do they feel as heavy as saline does? also, is one safer than the other? READ MORE

Could Breast Implants Look Remotely Natural on My Lean Body? (photo)

I have always had very small breasts (except when I was breastfeeding) and very little upper body fat. What little fat I do have is in my lower body... READ MORE

Do Small Implants Look More Natural? I am an A Cup Now.

Hello! I'm getting surgery in a month and I'm not sure about the size yet. My main objective is to obtain the most natural look. I am 170cm,... READ MORE

Do You Turn Down Requests for "Porn Star Boobs?"

From what I've read on RealSelf, it seems (board-certified) plastic surgeons generally try to convince women to choose moderate, natural-looking... READ MORE

What Size and Profile Implants Will Give a Softer Cleavage Look?

After looking at pictures of breast implant results, I think I want to go for a round silicone implant, but I'm not too sure what profile I should... READ MORE

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