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One of my Breasts is Harder Than the Other - Why?

I am 32 yrs old and I had breast implants (Natrelle Saline filled, 450 cc in each) placed about 2 yrs ago and haven't had any problems, but about... READ MORE

5 Days After my Breast Augmentation Do They Look Normal? (photo)

5 days ago i had my breast augmentation .. natrelle 310cc anatomical implants under muscle... they are still hard as rocks and feel uncomfortable....... READ MORE

Natrelle Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants: if Ruptured Do They Cause Any Harm to the Surrounding Tissue?

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon (certified) recently. I went in pretty set on saline because of the lower price and for the piece of mind if... READ MORE

Rotated Anatomical Breast Implant?

Before surgery I did not have any asymmetry with my breasts. Right after surgery I noticed that my right breast sat much higher and was more swollen... READ MORE

Natrelle Saline-filled Implants with Texture

I was to get saline implants without the texture. Today when I went to doctor he said he put in natrell textured saline implants and I specifically... READ MORE

Massaging a Shaped Natrelle Breast Implant

I have 450cc naterelle breast implants (410 MM) is there a way to massage them in order to make my nipple more center? I've drawn up a diagram of... READ MORE

Natrelle Style 45 HP for 12 BWD and 28 Inch Ribcage?

I had a consult with a PS who suggests Natrelle Style 45 HP 320 or 360 to go from a 32A to a 32 full C or small D. My breast width is 12 and my... READ MORE

Is the Natrelle Breast Kit Really All That Accurate?

I was about to order the Natrelle breast kit to "try on" the idea of new breast size and what silicone breast implants may look like. my gf... READ MORE

What Size is Too Big for Natrelle Breast Implants?

I am 5' 1" and between 100-105 lbs. Currently a 32A and my doctor only uses Natrelle breast implants. They are a bit wider with less projection... READ MORE

Should I Chose 304cc or 339cc Natrelle Style 15 Silicone Implants?

These 2 sizes have the same projection so I am wondering if it would really make a big difference. I am currently a full B I'd rib cage is 28... READ MORE

Ripple Effect in my Under the Muscle, Silicone Natrelle Implant?

I had my op nearly 6 weeks ago, ive kept my sports bra on and done everything that was asked by the doc. Ive just felt my breast and noticed i can... READ MORE

Debating 286cc Vs 304cc Natrelle Implants For my Small 101 Pound Frame.

I am 101 pounds and am 5' 6" tall. My dr and I have decided on two implant sizes the 286 or 304s. My dr said 304 would give me good cleavage... READ MORE

Suggest Smaller Breast Implants to Get C Cup?

I am scheduled for breast augmentation surgery on September 14 with Natrelle mederate profile silicone breast implants. I am a moderate B who's lost... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between the High Projection, Full Projection and Extra Full Projection? (photo)

Natrelle Cohesive Gel Implants? When choosing profiles/ projections what is the difference between the three profiles? I am looking to achieve... READ MORE

Does the Allergan Natrelle 410 SILICONE implant feel as "natural" as a regular silicone non shaped implant?

I want to go with this type of implant, but it is difficult to image how it would feel after the procedure, as far as texture and movement, especially... READ MORE

400grams Natrelle HP Silicone Implants Too Small

I had 400grams natrelle silicone implants put in two days ago, i was very flat chested(AAAA) and i wanted to get to a very full D, but they loooked... READ MORE

Shelf Life Expiration Date on Natrelle Breast Implants

Would Natrelle have that information? or do you have to get it from your plastic surgeon. Is it common to use a breast implant that has expired its... READ MORE

Natrelle Style 15 Silicone Implants. How Long Do They Last? (photo)

5 months ago I had breast augmentation. How long do implants typically last? Will most women need a revision eventually, or can they last a lifetime?... READ MORE

I Am Trying to Decide Between 339cc or 371cc, What Do You Suggest For My Measurements?

I am a slender build, 5'9", weight 140, and am conservative in nature. I have broad shoulders so I do not want to look top heavy so-to-speak.... READ MORE

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