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Should I Get More Than 400 Cc Implants for my Small Upper Body Frame? (photo)

I have narrow shoulders, a small rib cage and wear a 32B or possibly a larger A cup. I have a small waist and larger, round hips/butt. I want larger... READ MORE

High Profile or Moderate Plus Profile Silicone for Narrow Chest?

I've been to 2 doctors and they recommend different silicone implants. One says hp and the other doesn't use hp and says to do moderate+.... READ MORE

Allergan Style 45 or Mentor UHP for Small BWD?

I have a narrow chest.My bwd is about 10cm and it has really limited my options.I want to go as big as I can.On my consult the PS recommended allergan... READ MORE

My wife wants breast implants at 450cc. She is 5'6 and weighs 130. How will these be on her she has narrow shoulders?

What size would you recommend to look at to get fuller Breast but not stripper looking Breast implants ? READ MORE

Are ultra high implants a good and safe option for women with a narrow breast diameter?

I have a small bwd (10.5-11) and was disappointed hearing that because the surgeon said he would only do around 250-300cc because I'm so narrow. I was... READ MORE

Is a narrow implant the only option to fix tenting?

I was given feedback that choosing a narrow implant is necessary to fix symmastia or tenting. I don't have severe symmastia however. I do not like... READ MORE

BWD is 13.5 right, 13 left. PS recommended 400 cc HP implants. Aren't those too narrow for my chest?

Looked up the diameter and measurements of the HP Mentor silicone implants. It says 400 cc implants are 12.2cm diameter. I do not understand why PS... READ MORE

What is the correct breast implant size for my body type?

I am 5'11, 120-130 lbs, and I have a narrow frame. I'm trying to choose a size that looks natural but gives me a little cleavage. I'm currently a 34... READ MORE

How do I know if a 535 cc high profile silicone implant will be right for me? (photo)

Ok so I am scheduled for surgery on November 8th. I tried on the dozers and really liked the way the 535 looked on me. When I chose that implant size... READ MORE

Will Allergan Natrelle 300-325cc HP be too narrow for my chest? (photos)

My surgeon is recommending 300-325cc HP implants for me along with a full anchor breast lift. At my preop, I brought up my concerns that HP might be... READ MORE

Ideally, how much narrower should your implant be than your natural breast width diameter? (photo)

I'm slender &have almost no breast tissue. My breast width diameter is 13cm. I'm going back in forth in my mind between 295 cc's and 335 cc's,... READ MORE

Silicone profiling

My goal: C cup, natural slope (not crazy for fullness on top or rounded bust on top) My figure: 34A, 5' 4", 115lbs, fit, small volume, short distance... READ MORE

Implant too narrow for my breast diameter. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am having breast augmentation and my surgeon chose mentor 350 cc high profile for me. ( the other option was 375cc but I found it a bit large) I am... READ MORE

Can an Implant be pulled forward and held in place? (photo)

I'm a year out. My ribs go in on the right. That has created the implant to fall in toward my ribs instead of projecting out like the left? It's pulls... READ MORE

Petite boned athlete looking for the right size to balance my physique. 300-385 cc on the table? (Photo)

I'm just under 5"7 (129#) with small bones and 30-32 inch band size and my natural breasts are pretty narrow, though I do have somewhat broader... READ MORE

I'm worried my breast implants are too big? Please help

I'm 5 weeks out from a BA with silicon implants 225cc and 300cc. I signed an agreement with my surgeon for 200 & 250 but she changed it during... READ MORE

Would I be okay to get implants bigger than 900ccs? I would like an overdramatic look on my breasts.

I've had a few consultations and I've had doctors tell me I can get anywhere from 450ccs to 900ccs. I would like to go bigger than 900ccs, I'm hoping... READ MORE

5'9 150lbs 36b: will 500cc get me a full D or bigger? (Photos)

I'm 5'9 about 150 lbs around 36b with mastopexy with implants scheduled for 500cc under the muscle. I am about a size 8 with wide hips narrow waist.... READ MORE

Implant size for narrow breasts with different BWD? (photos)

I am having a breast lift and augmentation soon. I currently wear a 32B. My breast width diameter is different in both breasts by 1-2 cm with the... READ MORE

Doctor insists on mod plus, but I like mod profile. Is it because of my BWD?

I really want a very subtle augmentation and love the 200cc mod profile look, but the office keeps pushing me to do 250cc-275cc mod+ because they are... READ MORE

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