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Currently I have 1300cc overfilled saline breast implants, what would be the best way to get into the 3000 or 4000cc range?

Oversized breast implants expanders or multi surgeries.  Expanders, multiple surgeries? What would be the kind of implants to use?... READ MORE

Can I Use Two Different Breast Implant Profiles to Correct Natural Asymmetry?

A little preface. I'm 5'8, 170lbs, asymmetrical (38C & 38D) I do have a good amt of tissue. I've had my pre op today & tried on... READ MORE

Can I get Butt Implants and Breast Implants at the same time?

Ok so I found out that I don't have enough fat for the butt results that I want and I don't have time to go back and forth. So I wanted to know if you... READ MORE

What is the Largest Implant I Can Get for Breast Width?

Hello, I'm 5'1'' and 105-110lbs. I'm currently a 32A/B with a ribcage of 26.5". I am aiming to get multiple surgeries to get... READ MORE

700cc breast implants - how big does that typically translate when it comes to breast size for a natural A cup?

How big does 700cc implants typically translate when it comes to breast size when some is naturally an A cup? Also can breast implants and butt... READ MORE

Breast Lift W/ Implants in 1 or 2 Surgeries?

I consulted w/ 2 doctors in my area,both of which I liked.However,they gave me conflicting advice on surgery.They both agree I need a breast lift... READ MORE

Help! What Do I Do? Is Getting Them Redone the 5th Time Dangerous?

I've had my breast done 2yrs ago! I just had my 4th procedure done yesterday due to capsulars occurring on the same breast! However, my 3rd visit... READ MORE

Best certified plastic surgery doctor in Guadalajara? Any suggestions?

I would love to get butt and breast implants. Can any one recommend me a great clinic or doctor from Jalisco? READ MORE

Multiple Surgeries at Once... is It Safe? (photo)

I am 28. I am healthy. Don't do drugs. I am a single mom, had a csection. My fam middle eastern descend so, I have never liked my nose. I am over... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and labiaplasty surgery prices? (Photo)

I'm going to be turning 21 soon and I'm looking to do a beast augmentation with silicone as well as a Labiaplasty. I'm currently a 32 a and I'm... READ MORE

Can I Choose 2 Implant Choices Pre-Op and Let Surgeon Decide During Surgery?

At the time of surgery could I purchase 2 implant choices and have the doctor choose the proper fit during surgery procedure? READ MORE

I Am Having a Nose Operation Done in June. Can I Have a Breast Augmentation in September?

So, can I have two surgeries three months apart? Is that possible? Or is it better to wait one year between them? READ MORE

Having surgery in 5 days what are some top things recommended to buy for after surgery?

Having lipo, fat transfer and breast implants want to make sure i have everything to make this a smooth ride. Any recommendations? READ MORE

Can I get a breast augmentation at the same time as pectus carinatum surgery?

I wonder if i can do a plastic surgery to make my breast bigger in tha same surgery? and who is the specialist doctor for this surgery? thank you READ MORE

Surgeon told me I need a full anchor lift, as my skin is thin with not much elastin. Do I need a lift before implants? (Photo)

He told me my skin wouldn't be able to hold the implant without the lift. But what I am wondering is : can i get the implant now, then plant to get a... READ MORE

Prices on breast surgery and lipo in central or southern California?

I am female 5'6" & 140. Planning on breast implants in Feb. I am a 34c wanting dd. Also wanting lipo on upper arms, armpit, back, stomach and hips. Is... READ MORE

Will breast implants make me look top heavy?

I am scheduled for lipo and BA next month. I am 5' 4" and weigh 153 pounds. Lipo is being performed on my abdomen, flanks, and thighs, implants are... READ MORE

Can I remove a fibroadenoma and get a breast implant at the same time?

I have a fibroadenoma and my doctor suggest I should remove it in 3 months. Can I get breast implant at the same time while removing the fibroadenoma?... READ MORE

Can you do a breast augmentation and BBL at the same time? I don't want two different surgeries.

You see I have been wanting a implants for so long, so I decided to loss some much needed weight. my husband and I made a bet if I can loss ten pounds... READ MORE

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