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Mondors Cords After Breast Implants. How Long Do They Last, and What Can I Do?

I had breast implants on April 15th 2012. Two weeks after surgery I developed mondors cords. I have had the since and they are quite painfully. My... READ MORE

Could my Diagnosis of Mondor's Syndrom Actually Be Capsular Contracture?

I found a hard, tender, cord like mass in my left breast. I went to Dr. who diagnosed it as Mondors syndrom. I have had breast implants for 3 years... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Due to Mondor's Cords?

I had breast augmentation on March 12, with 260cc Silicone implants. On the day of surgery, I went to the doctor for possible infection. Left breast... READ MORE

1 Yr Post Op, Can It Be Mondor's Cord?

I'm 1 yr post op ( saline unders) and am experiencing only tenderness on the outside of my left breast. I can feel something cord like that runs from... READ MORE

3 Months Post Sub-muscular Breast Augmentation. Cramping Feeling on Left Side. Mondors Cord?

I am experiencing a cramping feeling on the side of my left breast. It hasn't changed in appearance and does not feel harder then before. While... READ MORE

What relieves Mondor Cord Pain? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op with 275cc unders. My right breast feels great, however the left breast has been painful, achy, tight & the incison hurts. I went... READ MORE

Do I have Mondor's Cord? And if so, could it cause a delay in the process of my implant "dropping"? (Photo)

For about two weeks I have been noticing a sharp stabbing pain under my right breast, especially when I lift my arms or during my work outs and I have... READ MORE

Is this Mondors Cord? And possible infected incision? (Photo)

Is this Mondors Cord? It's hard to the touch. If it is Should I massage it Or is there anything that will help it heal? Also this incision looks a... READ MORE

Can mondor's cords be the cause of my right breast not softening? (Photo)

4 weeks post breast augmentation with 400cc smooth silicone implants. I have developed a painful mondor's cord under my right breast. My left breast... READ MORE

Couple of questions. I had 400cc HP smooth round silicones under and I am 2 weeks post op.

Will my mondors cord resolve because they appeard on day 5 post op and they hurt plus the band of my post surgical bra makes it feel worse. Will my... READ MORE

Is this Mondors Cords/Bands or suture pulls? (Photo)

When I looked up images of Mondors Cord the vein seem more pronounced than what I have. Mine also line up with where my sutures are so I can't tell if... READ MORE

Is this a mondor's cord? 5 weeks post op. (photos)

I noticed pain under my left breast for quite a while now but today and felt a very tight line. I've read these should pass but I'm already 5 weeks... READ MORE

Mondor's Cord 2 years post-op, or something else? Cause? (Photo)

Today when I raised my arm and flexed my chest muscle, I noticed what appears to be Mondor's cord under my right breast. I am 2 years post-op with... READ MORE

Can mondors cord be on medial side of breast by sternum? Can this make breast harder or swollen? (Follow up to prev original?)

4 weeks post op did to much activity afterward more pain swelling, little firmness. Saw my provider yesterday who said he thought maybe contracture... READ MORE

Mondor's cord and the entire vein all red and painfull after going to a 100 celsius degrees sauna. Is that normal ?

Dear doctors, i have 1200cc saline implants placed over the muscle since more than 1 year and my left breast shows a Mondor's cord since 10 months. I... READ MORE

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