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650cc Breast Implants to Get C or D Cups?

I am 5'7" and 165 pounds (I have a large frame and have always been heavier than I look - currently I fit in size 10 pants). My breast size is... READ MORE

Will 420cc Implants Make Me Very Big?

I am scheduled for surgery in 4 days and now I am second guessing the size of implants. (pre surg nerves and size obsession) I am 5ft 115lbs,... READ MORE

360cc Breast Implants to Get C Cups?

I'm scheduled for Breast Augmentation surgery in a week. I'm 5'1" and 100 lbs, currently a large A cup / small B as my surgeon calls it, and I... READ MORE

Breast Implants to Minimize Gap Between Breasts on a Wide Chest?

I have a pretty wide BWD (about 16-18 cm as far as I have measured) and am shooting for a natural 36C-D look, I am currently a small 36B with a fair... READ MORE

Smooth Round Moderate vs. Smooth Round Moderate Plus

At my consult last year, I chose to get silicone implants placed under the muscle, incision in the crease, but still not too sure yet of profile shape... READ MORE

Approximate Cup Size for 339cc Breast Implants on B Cups?

I am 5'5", 118 pounds, 32b cup. I'm considering 339cc or 371cc Allergan Mid profile smooth round Breast implants, and I will be going under the... READ MORE

Will a 330 Silicone Implant Give Me a Full B Cup?

I'm currently an A cup. I was a small B cup before nursing my two lil ones. At the initial consultation,I told my PS I want to be a full B cup,maybe a... READ MORE

Would Moderate or High Profile Saline Implants Be Better for my Deflated Breasts?

I am a 21 y/o mother of 2. I am 5'7 and 132 lbs. I've breastfed both of my children and now I am getting a breast augmentation to get the... READ MORE

Possible to Switch from High Profile to Moderate or Moderate Plus?

I am a thin, petite woman with very little soft tissue coverage. I recently had BA with 350cc Mentor high profile silicone implants placed under the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Type to Achieve Artificial Look?

I will be meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss having a Breast Augmentation. I want to achieve a very artificial look so that people can tell... READ MORE

Moderate or Moderate Profile Plus Breast Implants?

My wife is having breast augmentation in December. She's torn about implant size; either 175cc Mentor Silicone Moderate profiles or 200-225cc Moderate... READ MORE

Differences Between Moderate, High, and Extra High Profile Implants?

I am considering a breast implants but want to know the difference between moderate, high and extra high profile implants? READ MORE

32AA/32A - What the Largest Implant I Can Get?

I'm currently 32aa/32a. 5' ht. 100lbs. 26' chest at base of breast. 31' circumference at nipple. Each breast width is about 12cm. I... READ MORE

How to Choose Breast Implant Profile?

Hi. I am getting a Breast Augmentation and I'm having the hardest time choosing Moderate Plus or Moderate. I am doing it under the muscle, and my... READ MORE

Are 370cc Silicone Implants Considered Larger Implants?

Could I wait 6 months and use the same pocket if I wanted to go noticeably smaller. With these implants I am a C/D. I want to be more like a B cup.... READ MORE

Is 421 Cc Enough Achieve D Cup?

I am a 36 year old female and breast fed all three of my children. I am a small A cup and want to be at least a small D cup. Would 421 cc of silicone... READ MORE

Upgrading from 325cc to 400-450cc Breast Implants?

After a deflation, I have decided to up grade to the mentor moderate profile plus implant. To get the same diameter, 13cm I must go from 325cc in the... READ MORE

What is Your Opinion on my Breast Augmentation? Are They Ever Going to Look Like They Should? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago with Moderate Profile saline 375 cc implants. They are sitting high as I thought they would, but they are... READ MORE

Exchanging 350cc for 250cc Breast Implants with Minor Breast Lift?

I am 5'6" and 119lbs. I am small boned. I currently have 350cc's low profile Breast implants and feel I look to top heavy. I wanted to have the... READ MORE

5'4, 150lbs, 34A - Getting 425CC Implants: Would High Profile or Moderate Look More Natural?

I am 23 year old 5'4 in height 150lbs.I previously had breast augmentation 6 months ago but unfortunately I had a horrible ordeal.My implants... READ MORE

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