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Breast Implant Options for Saggy Breasts Without Breast Lift?

Hello, I'm considering Breast Implants without doing a Breast Lift. And wanted to know the alternatives/options for women with saggy breast that wish... READ MORE

Breast Implants to Minimize Gap Between Breasts on a Wide Chest?

I have a pretty wide BWD (about 16-18 cm as far as I have measured) and am shooting for a natural 36C-D look, I am currently a small 36B with a fair... READ MORE

Redo Implants to Fix Wrinkles/Rippling?

Have Mentor round moderate saline implants 325 filled to 375. I'm 5'7", 123.6 lbs, lean, not much dense breast tissue, thin skin.... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants for a 21 Year Old?

I am a 34/36 A right now and would like to be a full B cup. I am still unsure on whether to get saline or silicone breast implants. I am only 21... READ MORE

Difference Between Anatomicals and Full Projection Round Breast Implants?

I have McGhann subpec 410s anatomicals (mod proj) 240ccs, 11cm base, from 32AA to 32C, max size surgeon could insert due to BWD. I like the shape of... READ MORE

Why do my 260cc Implants look so unnatural? What can be done to fix them? (photos)

I had Nagor 260cc medium profile implants under the muscle 3 months ago. IMO my implants are too big for my small frame, VERY round, and have the... READ MORE

Moderate or High Profile for Breast Implant Revision?

I have Saline breast implants (425cc) now that I have had for 10 yrs. I am having them redone and having a hard time deciding between HP (High... READ MORE

Will my breasts look significantly smaller once the swelling goes down? (photo)

I'm 2 weeks post op, 240cc textured silicone moderates,dual plane. I'm loving my new look and feel that this size is perfect for me. However, I am... READ MORE

Is there a noticeable difference between 405cc moderate classic and 425cc moderate classic?

I originally decided on 405 cc moderate classic implants due to my breasts width and overall chest dimensions, however I am concerned that they will... READ MORE

What can I do about puffy nipples? Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photos)

I had a BA (silicone mod 375cc, unders) about 3 weeks ago and I've noticed that my nipples look very puffy. I had this problem before, but it got... READ MORE

What is the difference between High Profile Implants versus Moderate Implants?

I have been on my journey to get a Breast Augmentation. I have scanned through photos of before & afters and have noticed in the description some... READ MORE

What to do when you get sized differently by two different surgeons?

Hi everyone. I had my first breast augmentation consultation last week for an a to c enhancement. After measurements, I was told I am sitting at a 13... READ MORE

Liposuction and breast implant recovery; is this true?

Hi, I am planning on getting breast augmentation and moderate liposuction done in a month or so. Although doctors indicate that the recover will be a... READ MORE

Is a moderate classic profile my best option to obtain a full, natural look when considering my breast width (13.4 cm)? (Photo)

I am 5'3", 125lbs, 30yrs old, mother of 2, breast width is 13.4 cm (currently 34A). I am looking to achieve full natural looking results-ideally a... READ MORE

How does a surgeon choose the height of the implant? (Photo)

I am due to get a BA and my surgeon has chosen anatomical under the muscle, full height, moderate projection. 315cc in the left and 270 in the right... READ MORE

Doctor insists on mod plus, but I like mod profile. Is it because of my BWD?

I really want a very subtle augmentation and love the 200cc mod profile look, but the office keeps pushing me to do 250cc-275cc mod+ because they are... READ MORE

I am a size 6 - 8, 170cm tall and getting 350cc anatomical under the muscle implants but I am unsure of the profile! (photos)

My doctor has said moderate and HP will look great and the final decision is mine. I want them to look as natural as possible I am an Acup now and 25... READ MORE

1 week post-op saline breast implants. Left side is more swollen, bruised & I can't move my left shoulder? (Photos)

Got BA 7 days ago. 330cc saline moderate. Left side is much more swollen,bruised, can't move left shoulder and arm. The pain is under the breast,... READ MORE

Would ultra high profile silicone under the muscle give the same look as a moderate plus over the muscle?

Basically, after reading the majority of the opinions on this app, it seems an overwhelming majority is pretty much anti-over the muscle, I'm now... READ MORE

Will my tattoo stretch after a BA?

I have a tattoo above my breast across my clavicle area there about. I have 34C breast and looking to go up an additional cup. Will my tattoo stretch... READ MORE

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