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SOS Avoiding Bad Scars for African American Breast Lift and Implants. Will an Internal Lift Do It? (photo)

Hi I wanted to know will an internal lift and implant work for me. I scar bad and I don't want the bad incisions. I don't care how big I have to go to... READ MORE

Would a Periareolar Breast Lift Be Enough to Lift my Breasts, with a Conservative Implant? (photo)

I am looking to avoid the vertical scar of a "loli-pop" lift if at all possible...Is that a bad decision for me based on this pic? The distance from... READ MORE

Is a Lift Really Needed or is It Accomplishable with an Under Muscle Implant? (photo)

I've had about a 30lb weight loss and now my main goal for seeking surgery is to regain volume. The last surgeon I consulted recommendend an... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Implants Do I Need a Lift As Well? I Dont Want the Scars. (photo)

I am a 36 yr old female with 3 children and I cant have anymore children I would like to have a breast augmentation but I dont think I want the scar's... READ MORE

Questions about breast augmentation. What is a good proportion breast size for my body size?

I'm a 5'2 and weigh 105 lbs. I'm interested in a breast augmentation, but unsure what size is proportion for my body.I want a bigger set, but not so... READ MORE

Will mod plus or high profile look natural on me? (photos)

I'm 5'1 and 107lbs. At the consult, the surgeon recommended to get 350cc mod plus silicone to achieve a natural look. I presonally like natural look... READ MORE

I would like to get implants. I'm 49 and in good health. My question is - can you have implants without the lift?

I ask this b/c I am highly concerned about the scarring. I do not scar well at all. My scars are dark purple for a long time. Is there a way to... READ MORE

I'm 36, 5'4", 120 lbs with sagging breasts. How can I fix them with minimal scars? (Photo)

My sagging breasts are due to weightloss. What grade ptosis am I? I think grade 2 since my nipples dont turn down. That being said, I dont want a lift... READ MORE

I want implants with minimal scarring but was told that I need a breast lift with lollipop or anchor scar. Opinions? (Photo)

I am 5'5" 147lbs 27 yrs old - no kids. I had a consultation for breast augmentation and realized I needed a breast lift. I am conflicted - I want... READ MORE

5'8", 190lbs. Donut lift (Benelli) and 600cc implant. Good choice?

My surgery is scheduled for the 26th of this month and I am set for a periauriolar lift with implants. My surgeon recommended a 550cc but said I could... READ MORE

What size implants should I get if I'd like a small C cup? (Photo)

I am 19 years old and going out of the country for my breast augmentation. I'd like opinions on the type of implant and size. Also, which incision... READ MORE

Will breast implants give me a new shape and make my breasts full again? (photos)

Having a 34D in high school was amazing to say the least, however, after having my son I feel that my breasts do not look as full as they once did. I... READ MORE

Looking for the right surgery/surgeon that would leave no minimum scaring during enhancement. (Photo)

In Seach of the right surgery/surgeon that will leave minimum scaring and nipple sensitivity. Also, my right nipple needs corrected, could I get it... READ MORE

Mother of two. Can I get my natural looking/feeling boobs back without huge scars of a lift? Can I just get implants? (Photos)

I'm 34 and ever since I had kids my breasts are completely empty. I used to be a full C/D but now they are flat and can barely fill a bra. My... READ MORE

Over the muscle implants for active mom and bodybuilder? (photos)

I'm wanting to restore the fullness to my breasts after lactating and pregnancy. I'm a 34 A currently. I would like to continue lifting heavy weights... READ MORE

I am looking to get fuller and overall better looking breasts. Do I need a lift or can I simply get implants? (Photo)

Hello, I am scheduled to get a breast lift and or augmentation at the end of March. I am prone to what is either keloids or that raised scarring (I... READ MORE

Clear chest before augmentation, Breakouts afterwards?

My upper chest area(mostly) and (less) my actual breasts are developing large, sore bumps that turn into actual pimples. Love the augmentation... READ MORE

Breast implants in the nipple area and under the arm. My scars are so small you cannot notice them at all around my nipple area.

I have saline and it was place under the muscle and inserted around the areola nipple and it took a well for the feeling to come back to my breast. I... READ MORE

How can I be sure my surgeon didn't switch up the implants and put the incorrect size on each? If he did will he fix it soon?

I was about 50-100cc larger on my left breast preop and the surgeon was to put a 300cc silicon on that breast and 350cc on the right. However, it's... READ MORE

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