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One of my Implants Has "Slipped" out from Under the Muscle

One of my implants slipped out from under the muscle 2 mo postop. This has been evidenced after 2nd mammo 18 mo post op. How should I approach my... READ MORE

Concerned About Breast Implants with Pectus Excavatum? (photo)

I received silicone breast implants under the muscle 1 and 1/2 yrs ago and have slight pectus excavatum. I went from barely an A cup to a full B. At... READ MORE

If Ruptured, Could Silicone Memory Gel Implants Migrate Through the Body and Cause Problems?

I got silicone gel implants two months ago, the MemoryGel kind by Mentor. I am worried I wont be able to detect a leak down the road. If my silicone... READ MORE

Lateral Displacement of Right Breast 4 Months Post-Op Benelli Lift, What are my Options? (photo)

4 and a half months ago i had breast augmentation with a benelli lift, i had 325 R and 300 in the left. Right from the start there were noticeable... READ MORE

Breast Implants Migrating After a Year?

Can a silicon implant move after over a year out of installation. I think my right implant might not be in the right location. Thanks worried warrior. READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implant Ruptures

I may have ruptured silicon breast implants. will have an MRI to ck. for past 3mths i have pain in nipples. pain has spread to the entire breasts.... READ MORE

Moderate to severe pain with nausea from silicone breast implant rupture. Could the silicone be migrating?

I have discovered through ultrasound and mammogram that my Left breast 21 year old under muscle silcone breast implant has ruptured. I have been... READ MORE

7 weeks. Still no change/improvement? (photo)

Week 2 post op I had a muscle spasm that migrated my implant up to my collarbone. The implant has not gone down since that week. I am almost 7 weeks... READ MORE

What about silicone migration? Do you try to remove it? What about lymph nodes? (photo)

My failed 23 yr old implants have likely leaked into my armpits. My armpits are swollen and painful. I have sharp, shooting pain down both arms, worse... READ MORE

Can an Implant That Was Placed Under the Muscle Move That Position if It Has Ruptured from a Fall?

I had breast augmentation with placement under the muscle 17 years ago. Then, 2years ago I fell rupturing one implant and was told at that time there... READ MORE

Breast implant migrated up chest and towards armpit. No rupture, no contractor. What caused it and how can I correct it?

I had sub muscular breast implants by a top Sydney surgeon in 2009. In 2011 i noticed my right breast began to migrate upwards. Since then I have had... READ MORE

What would you do to correct migration, dents and large gap following breast augmentation? (Photo)

I am 3 months post op. 560 cc round smooth silicone to the L and 495cc R above the muscle, hp. My breasts are too far apart for my liking (while... READ MORE

Breast implant migration and flipping.

Can Breast implants migrate and flip after three months from not wearing a bra at night, after one has worn the surgical bra consistently for 3 months? READ MORE

Symmastia and possible double bubble starting? (Photo)

Right breast has "dropped" and left me looking less full at the bottom and almost like a soft triangle shape. Is this how the implant looks as it... READ MORE

Ruptured silicone breast implant resulting in mastectomy. Any suggestions?

I have 30 year old silicone implants. My right implant has ruptured and the silicone had migrated into my breast tissue. My plastic surgeon is... READ MORE

Is there any possibility that the capsule forming around silicone cheek implants could lead to lymphoma?

I heard on the television show The Doctors today the news that breast implants, especially textured implants, have been associated with the... READ MORE

Silicone has migrated into the glads under my arm pits and in my neck glads. I'm very worried as I constantly have infections.

Not only in my breast with my replacement implants but many other areas in my body.i have had a scan on my breast and it shows that i have a piece of... READ MORE

Is it possible for silicone in high cohesive gel implants to leak and migrate beyond the implant capsule?

USS has indicated ruptured implant (Allergan high-cohesive gel teardrop implants, positioned under the muscle in 2007). When I had the original... READ MORE

My breast implants are giving me intense upper abdominal pain. How can I relieve this?

My 500cc breast implants have migrated far too low, the bottom middle section of the implants arent even sitting on my ribcage, they have dropped into... READ MORE

What type of imaging is the "full body scan" did Yolana Foster have done to detect migrated silicone?

It's my understanding that an MRI using Siemens equipment with a breast coil & no contrast is the most accurate way of imaging silicone in the... READ MORE

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