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Mentor or Motiva?

I am having a breast augmentation in 2 months, my surgeon offered me 2 choices to look into mentor(fda approved) or motiva( as it is gaining... READ MORE

Tenting or symmastia 3 months post op? (Photo)

I'm happy and not happy with my results. I know they are uneven. That doesn't really bother me as much. My concern is my cleavage area. Do I have... READ MORE

PS recommends Ultra High Profile implants; Is this right for me? (Photos)

Please help, I'm scheduled for a life altering surgery in a month and fear a poor outcome. My PS recommends textured Mentor 480 cc Ultra High Profile... READ MORE

I hate my implants, they are exactly the opposite of what I asked for. Is there any hope? (Photo)

After the fitting we had decided on 400-425 cc mentor gummy implants. I specifically said I dislike high profile and chose the moderate slope.... READ MORE

Which company's textured implants have higher rate of ACLC?

I know it is rare, but I have read that one company is linked to the vast majority of these cases. Can any dr provide a link (if not a name) for... READ MORE

Ingredients list for "gummy bear" cohesive gel implants manufactured by Allergan, Mentor, Sientra, and silimed?

Does anyone have access to an ingredients list/method of process and creation for cohesive silicone gel implants. I want to do some cross ref and... READ MORE

Will 350cc moderate profile saline implants look natural on me? (Photos)

My breast width measured at 13.5 and the 350cc saline mentor moderate profile implants measure at 13.0. I'm hoping to have a natural but bigger... READ MORE

What other implant is comparable to Sientra round form stable implants?

My doctor is no longer using Sientra implants in his office and that is the one I really wanted because I like all the benefits, less chance of... READ MORE

One day post-op. Double bubble already? Had fold lowered. Subglandular and mastopexy. 350 mentor silicone. (Photos)

My doctor told my husband he worked hard on lowering the fold and had to thin out the band,any more would've pierced the skin or something. He said it... READ MORE

Wise to downsize implants without pocket modification? Profile change?

Hello! 8 months ago, I received 450 cc round smooth high profile Mentor implants. The result is a 28 G to H bra size and an unnatural look (in my... READ MORE

Can you tell if I have capsular contracture or if a revision is necessary? (Photo)

Left breast normal. Right breast lumpectomy/radiation. Right breast is tighter, sits higher. It is tender and numb on the underside. There is a thick... READ MORE

I saw two different docs and got two different recommendations?

Now I'm lost on which implant would look best?!?!? Tear drop shaped mentor implants or naturally inspira full round hp implants? I saw two diff docs... READ MORE

Was planning on getting Sientra anatomicals...what now? (photos)

BA scheduled for Nov and had decided on Sientra HP255cc round base anatomicals under the muscle. As Sientras are not available, I will be using Mentor... READ MORE

Having overs won't give great results? (Photo)

Am 3 days post breast left with implants over the muscle and I love them. My surgeon decided in over the muscle as I had very good tissue and I want... READ MORE

Will 300cc mentor silicone implants get me to a full C/small D? (photos)

I'm getting my breast aug on Tuesday. My surgeon seems to think that 300cc's will get me to my desired result. I am a 34B now. I would like a full C... READ MORE

Why do many plastic surgeons prefer Mentor to Natrelle?

I've asked around a lot and it appears that the majority of board certified surgeons in the U.S. have a strong affinity for Mentor Memory Gel. Is it... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to put a big anatomical implant over the muscle?

The following are the 2 potential implants that fit my breast width(14.5-15cm) according to 2 doctors. Which one makes more sense to you? A : Mentor... READ MORE

What's the maximum largest implants for my flame? (photos)

I My BWD is: B: 22-23, W: 21, D: 6 1/2, whole chest 28. I am 5'4, 112 lbs. mentor, silicon, under my muscle, and crease incisions, currently planning... READ MORE

Mentor and Allergan Natrelle, is either more high-fill?

I have seen more Mentor round implants results than Allergan Natrelle, and therefore I am leaning toward Mentor rather than Natrelle. Although... READ MORE

What is the next best thing after Sientra Textured round HP implant ? What feels softer to the touch and more natural?

As I understand Sientra , (my top choice) pulled their product off the market and it is unknown when it will be back. I was told by my surgeons staff... READ MORE

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