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Can Air Pocket Burst from Sleeping on Your Stomach?

Had smooth round high profile gel cohesive implanted overseas 6 mnths ago, w/ no problem till now. 2 wks ago for 1st time since augmentation, I slept... READ MORE

Same Day Breast Augmentation in Tijuana

Does this video bother the experts on realself as much as it did for me? How does she get aftercare should she need it that night? READ MORE

I'm planning to travel to get my Breast Implants. How long does it take to recover? Can I travel back home right after?

So I'm thinking on getting breast implants but I would be traveling five hours away to do so my questions are how long is surgery? When do I have to... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of This Infection After a Breast Uplift in Belgium?

I had my op 7 weeks ago since then it looks like things will not heal ive had 2 courses of anti biotics and cream which seems to be making it worse... READ MORE

Is it safe to travel to have breast augmentation?

I see lots o women on here who have traveled for plastic surgery. How do you get after care if there's a problem after Surgery follow ups etc... I've... READ MORE

Breast Implants in Canada Vs Dominican Republic is There a Difference?

I live in Canada. Want to get implants in DR. My PS told me she has concerns. DR implants are $1700. Canada cost is $8500 this price of two implants... READ MORE

Traveling from CA to Florida for breast implants. Is it not a good idea to travel so far for surgery?

So I am trying to find a good plastic surgeon to do my breast implants N lipo on my love handles. Im thinking of going to Florida. The prices are much... READ MORE

Can I fly after breast implant?

I am a flight attendant currently based in Dubai so I do a lot of international flights. I have 10 days off in September. I'm looking for a Doctor... READ MORE

What areas in the US have a lower cost on average for implants? I live in Buffalo, NY. Would a trip to Canada help? (Photo)

I have heard about clinical trials, cosmetic surgery financing companies, University resident's clinics, medical tourism, and even spent a little too... READ MORE

It's been almost a month that I had an Breast Implants from India. Still have pain and swelling. Advice? (photos)

It's been almost a month that I had an implant from India. My implant is 300gm on each side. I'm on ibuprofen and muscle relaxer right now but I feel... READ MORE

Surgeon in Australia who will check my breast implants that were done overseas?

I need a surgeon for a checkup of my breast augmentation. Preferably Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. I had them done in Thailand 2 years ago. They're... READ MORE

Where can I find a great doctor to do gummy bear implants in Florida/Georgia area? Want perky with cleavage. (Photo)

Flying down south from New York end of August beginning of September for a lil vacation. Looking for a doctor now to do a online consultation. Need... READ MORE

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