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400cc Breast Implants After Skin-Sparing Mastectomy - I Look Small

I had a skin sparing masctomey. I had 400cc expanders and I just had my exchange and they look way too small. he put 400cc high profile implants in. I... READ MORE

800cc Silicone Implants After Double Matectomy - Implants Look Like Mounds, Not Natural or Cleavage. What Can I Do?

I have always had big Boobs and cleavage .i found out i had cancer. Praise God im cancer free !Had a full double mastectomy But i just had my silicone... READ MORE

How to Achieve More Projection from Silicone Implants

Had exchange surgery August 2ND and asked my PS to give me back what was lost during mastectomy. I have high profile silicone implants (550CC) Witch... READ MORE

Breast Implant Painful After Fall

Had Masectomy 15 years ago, had implant 5 years later. Had a bad fall straight onto breast implant 6 days ago. Saw my doctor on Monday and pain was... READ MORE

My Implant Hurts So Bad and Has Dropped Suddenly?

I had implant surgery after my double mastectomie. It has been about 3 months. My left breast was firmer and set higher. Just a few days ago I started... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Cause Problems if They Leak?

I had a mastectomy and silicone reconstruction. Since then, one has leaked. I have had extreme fatigue and muscle and joint pain ever since. The lymph... READ MORE

Can a Breast Implant That Has Folded over Be Dangerous to the Individual?

Almost 15 years ago my mother had a Mastectomy and saline implants put in. Recently she noticed that it "folded over" and was very concerned about it.... READ MORE

The tissue expander filled too fast. Why? (photos)

I had a mastectomy, then an expander to stretch the skin & muscle for implant. The fills 100cc at time, the last was 120cc, very painful & then the... READ MORE

Worried about ALCL following Mastectomy, Implants and Rupture

I javd double mastectomy in may 2013 had breast expandersx2 with complications including blood clots had 3 units of blood and neck lesion biopsy... READ MORE

What do you recommend for hardened breast implant in 90-year-old?

Implants were done in 1984 after mastectomy. She also has dementia, and is on 6 liters of oxygen because of pulmonary fibrosis. READ MORE

Should I go to the ER or wait until Monday to get appointment with plastic surgeon for possible leak of breast implant? (Photo)

Had recent breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy and expanders, the end of April. I feel that my left implant may have a leak due to a fall... READ MORE

Adhesions Between Silicone Implant and Skin, Ruling Out ALCL?

I had reconstruction with subcut silicone gel implants after bilateral prophylactic mastectomy 6 yrs ago. There were repeat surgeries for capsular... READ MORE

If I had lymph nodes removed during a mastectomy and my implant leaks. Can it cause other glands in that arm to swell?

I had extensive mammograms done and they redid them using spot compression and ruptured the implant and capsule. Two days later a gland on the inner... READ MORE

I want to know do I have a rupture.

I had a mastectomy 11yrs ago I've had pain for a week whe I sneeze it's painful it feels like when I had my surgery 10yrs ago is this a rupture? READ MORE

With a skin sparing, nipple sparing mastectomy, which shape implant would be better?

With a skin sparing, nipple sparing mastectomy, which implant would provide best success for the procedure - round silicone or anatomical gummy bear. READ MORE

Ruptured silicone breast implant resulting in mastectomy. Any suggestions?

I have 30 year old silicone implants. My right implant has ruptured and the silicone had migrated into my breast tissue. My plastic surgeon is... READ MORE

Mastectomy: I had my switch from 475cc expanders to high profile 475cc implants. Once they drop and fluff will they expand?

Once they drop and fluff will they expand at all? I am 5'3 & 145 pounds. I loved the way my expanders looked but now I think implants look smaller. READ MORE

Would removal of the port pose a risk to the implant after 8 years. I keep injuring my ribs by the port.

I had saline implant after mastectomy 8 years ago. The port was left in as they said it was possible that removal would affect the implant. The port... READ MORE

After mastectomy & saline implant under pectoral muscle, I have muscle under the arms that protrudes & painful. Is this normal?

After mystectomy and saline implant under pectoral muscle. I have a muscle under the arm Teresa major that protrudes and painful with everyday... READ MORE

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