Male + Breast Implants

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Can Men Get Breast Implants?

Can Men Get Breast Implants, Im a Slim Guy and Just Want an A Size Cup READ MORE

Is It Allowed/Accepted for a Male to Get Female Breast Implants Without a Sex Change Operation?

My boyfriend has been talking with me, a male hoping to receive a sex change operation in the future, about his sexual identity. He says that he kind... READ MORE

As a Male Can I Get Breast Implants Without Getting HRT at All?

Hi my name is Trevor. I prefer to go by Sara. I am transgendered and was wondering if I can get breast augmentation without EVER being on HRT. I don't... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Certified Surgeon That is Willing to Give Me (A Non TG Male) Breast Implants?

I am trying to find a board certified surgeon that is willing to do breast augmentation surgery on me, a male who is NOT transgendered (at least not... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Crossdresser. (photo)

I am a 56 year-old man, crossdressing at weekends with my girlfriend, she does the make-up. I want to have a small silicone implants in the range of... READ MORE

Gyno Removal As Teen, Now Wanting Breasts?

I'm a 32 year old genetic male. I was 320 pounds at 16 and thru diet and exercise dropped to 170 by the age of 19. I still had man boobs and had... READ MORE

I'm a transvestite would like real breasts. How much would it cost?

Male 46 I would like real breasts how much do they cost READ MORE

Is Breast Implant surgery available for a male that is not interested in changing sex?

I now have apx B cup breasts that I hide with baggy shirts. I've found that a bra is quite comfortable and I like wearing one. However, a bra is hard... READ MORE

I am a male, 65 yrs old, pretty good shape, with 40B breast now. Can I get a silicone implant to bring me up to a C or D cup?

Can I get a silicone implant to bring me up to a C or D cup. I am 166 lbs, white and wear a bra about 18/6 now I love the thought and my wife is fine... READ MORE

Breast implants for a male patient?

Is there anywhere or any way a man can get breast implants without going thru the psycological evaluation or any kind of therapy? READ MORE

Not happy with size - considering removal

I had male breast enlargement in November 2012. Long story short I felt the size I ended up with was too large my taste, ended up a full C wanted to... READ MORE

Straight male wanting small female breast implants. Where do I start?

Not looking for sex change I would like to get small female breasts. Im fascinated with this, and wife very accepting.not want to go through psych... READ MORE

Breast implants in male (not mtf)?

What are the long-term effects of having feminized chest walls. READ MORE

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