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Can Men Get Breast Implants?

Can Men Get Breast Implants, Im a Slim Guy and Just Want an A Size Cup READ MORE

Is It Allowed/Accepted for a Male to Get Female Breast Implants Without a Sex Change Operation?

My boyfriend has been talking with me, a male hoping to receive a sex change operation in the future, about his sexual identity. He says that he kind... READ MORE

As a Male Can I Get Breast Implants Without Getting HRT at All?

Hi my name is Trevor. I prefer to go by Sara. I am transgendered and was wondering if I can get breast augmentation without EVER being on HRT. I don't... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Crossdresser. (photo)

I am a 56 year-old man, crossdressing at weekends with my girlfriend, she does the make-up. I want to have a small silicone implants in the range of... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Certified Surgeon That is Willing to Give Me (A Non TG Male) Breast Implants?

I am trying to find a board certified surgeon that is willing to do breast augmentation surgery on me, a male who is NOT transgendered (at least not... READ MORE

Gyno Removal As Teen, Now Wanting Breasts?

I'm a 32 year old genetic male. I was 320 pounds at 16 and thru diet and exercise dropped to 170 by the age of 19. I still had man boobs and had... READ MORE

Straight male wanting small female breast implants. Where do I start?

Not looking for sex change I would like to get small female breasts. Im fascinated with this, and wife very accepting.not want to go through psych... READ MORE

Breast implants for a male patient?

Is there anywhere or any way a man can get breast implants without going thru the psycological evaluation or any kind of therapy? READ MORE

I'm a transvestite would like real breasts. How much would it cost?

Male 46 I would like real breasts how much do they cost READ MORE

Is Breast Implant surgery available for a male that is not interested in changing sex?

I now have apx B cup breasts that I hide with baggy shirts. I've found that a bra is quite comfortable and I like wearing one. However, a bra is hard... READ MORE

I am a male, 65 yrs old, pretty good shape, with 40B breast now. Can I get a silicone implant to bring me up to a C or D cup?

Can I get a silicone implant to bring me up to a C or D cup. I am 166 lbs, white and wear a bra about 18/6 now I love the thought and my wife is fine... READ MORE

Not happy with size - considering removal

I had male breast enlargement in November 2012. Long story short I felt the size I ended up with was too large my taste, ended up a full C wanted to... READ MORE

Breast implants in male (not mtf)?

What are the long-term effects of having feminized chest walls. READ MORE

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