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Breast Implants and Lymphoma

The FDA reported that breast implants may increase the risk of developing a form of lymphoma. Can a doctor explain whether this is with all types of... READ MORE

Difficulty getting tested for BIA-ALCL, WHY?

Why are Plastic Surgeons reluctant to test for BIA-ALCL in symptomatic women? Women with spontaneous breast swelling, capsular contracture, swollen... READ MORE

Just learned about ALCL, a lymphoma risk associated with breast implants and specifically textured implants. Is this worrisome?

Oh my gosh, every time I think I have made up my mind, I learn new information! I was pretty set on textured gummy bear implants (to reduce chances of... READ MORE

Would You Feel Safe Giving Your Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Grandmother Silicone Implants?

Hi! I am considering breast augmentation. I REALLY really want to do this after two years of breastfeeding! I am a thin woman, with thin tissue and my... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants Cause a Rare Form of Lymphoma?

I am considering breast augmentation. I am rest-assured from what I have read that they do not cause breast cancer, but now I am reading 2011 research... READ MORE

ALCL ALK NEGATIVE related to breast implants and I'm just wondering if I will need any treatments (Photo)

When ALCL related to the breast implant is diagnosed in the fluid and in the capsule do you think any treatment is needed if it has not spread. READ MORE

I am a Leukemia survivor. Am I at a greater risk for developing a breast implant related lymphoma?

20+ years in the clear with help of chemo. I have been reading the FDA's site on the small risk of breast implants upping the probability of... READ MORE

Breast Implants and ALCL, what measures can be taken to reverse the adverse impact after having them for 10 years?

There is established link between "Anaplastic large cell lymphoma" (ALCL) and breast implants (silicone in both saline & silicone implants). Any... READ MORE

Should I remove my implants now that new research shows increasing risk of lymphoma? I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

I have gummy bear textured implants. Several months after my implantation I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis; which I do not contribute to the... READ MORE

Best implant for natural result? Soft, shaped cohesive gel implant?

Hi, I have heard that many of the cohesive gel implants can be a bit too firm, although I LOVE that they are anatomic. I was wondering if there are... READ MORE

What is ALCL and is it linked to breast implants?

I've read articles on here (realself) and throughout the web about a type of lymphoma called ALCL that is supposedly linked to breast implants. Is... READ MORE

BIA-ALCL. Frequency, treatment, prognosis?

I just read about BIA-ALCL; but quality information that describes in detail information about this condition is difficult. I have access to UpToDate,... READ MORE

Breast implant associated lymphoma: do saline implants have the same risk as textured silicone implants?

Do smooth saline breast implants carry the same risk as textured silicone implants for the breast implant associated lymphoma? READ MORE

Is there any possibility that the capsule forming around silicone cheek implants could lead to lymphoma?

I heard on the television show The Doctors today the news that breast implants, especially textured implants, have been associated with the... READ MORE

I afraid from ALCL associated with breast implants

I had silicone implant 3 years ago above the was very nice but after 2 years i got pregnant and my breast increased in size and noticed... READ MORE

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