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Cohesive Silicone Gel Vs Saline Breast Implant for Patient with Lupus?

I'm considering the transaxillary endoscopic Breast Implants using either cohesive silicone gel (gummy bear) or saline implant material. For a person... READ MORE

Non-surgical Remedies for Capsular Contracture Grade IV?

It began immediately after surgery in the breast I had radiation treatments in 10 yrs earlier. I have lupus, take heart medication for peripartum... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants if I Have Lupus?

Could a patient with lupus get implants? READ MORE

I have lupus. Can I still have breast implants?

For someone with a previous lupus diagnosis but all testing negative now (only flared and attacked in pregnancy as stage 4 lupus nephritis), would you... READ MORE

Developed Discoid Lupus After Silicone Breast Implants. Are They Related? Help ?

I have silicon implants done yr half ago now I have had discoid lupus for a year I have always been healthy is there chance it ruptured? Got into my... READ MORE

I have tubular breasts and Lupus. Are there any cosmetic surgeons who would operate on me? What are my options? (Photo)

My Lupus is currently under control and I feel great. I looked at tissue expansion and implants . Not sure what would work best. READ MORE

I have Lupus which doesn't run in my family history. Could I be sick from my Breast Implants?

I have saline filled implants and want to know if maybe I could be sick from my implants. Possibly bacteria? Implants put in in 2004 transumbilical.... READ MORE

Are there contraindication with lupus, hypertension, and breasts lift surgery? Are implants safe for lupus patients? (photo)

Lupus diagnosis for 23 years. Chronic/Controlled hypertension. 39 years old. Lupus in remission for 18 years. Weight: 160 pounds. On plaquenil and... READ MORE

Can I get highly cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants if I have Lupus?

I have seen answers that say I should consult with my immunologist/rheumatolgoist. All things good with my rheumatolgist my question is can I get the... READ MORE

Lupus and breast implants - would they make the disease worse?

Dear doctors, I have a disease that affects my immune system known as lupus and I was wondering what would happen if I were to get breast implants... READ MORE

Can you have silicone implants if you have SLE lupus?

Is it possible to have implants safly without causing problems to lupus? READ MORE

Recovering with lupus?

I have mild, controlled lupus and had breast augmentation 04/20. I started with a very lowgrade fever (99.3-100.1) yesterday- today, and breast... READ MORE

I have controlled systemic lupus. Can I have breast implants?

I have controlled systemic lupus for 10 years and stopped my medicines 4 months ago. Can i do breast implant or it will aggravate lupus? READ MORE

Breast implants advice please? (Photos)

Dear Doctors, I am a 24 year old female with highly unattractive breasts, they are super saggy, massive gap inbetween and I can't stand them. I also... READ MORE

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