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Length of Time Breast Implants Last?

I have had implants since 1984 and have not had any problems. Should I be concerned because of the length of time? READ MORE

Saline Breast Implant Life Span?

I have saline breast implants under the muscle. I know the life span for saline implants is 10-15yrs. I just hit the 10yr. anniversary. I am having no... READ MORE

Breast Implants - How Long Should They Last?

I read a on this site where someone said they had to get their implants re-done 20-some years later.  I thought that getting breast implants was... READ MORE

What is the Life Span of the "Improved" Silicon Gel Breast Implants?

I've heard that because of the thicker shell and the more cohesive gel, the silicone implants nowadays will last much longer. What is the average... READ MORE

Breast Implants Expiration?

I had a breast augmentation last year of 2008 of May and i want to know if the implants have an expiration do i need to remove it after years or do... READ MORE

Do Memory Gel Implants Shrink?

I was wondering if Memory Gel Implants will shrink over time? I've heard that Saline implants does shrink as time goes on. I am not talking about... READ MORE

Is Getting Silicon Breast Implants at 18 a Bad Idea? How Long Will They Last?

I've always hated my breast and wanted to get implants, right now I'm 17 and thinking "Should I wait or get them ASAP?" I'm tired of waiting but if it... READ MORE

Do Silicone Breast Implants Have a Certain Life at Which Time They Should Be Changed out for New Ones?

I have had mine in for 25 years and am not experiencing any problems. Are new silicone implants better? Do they get old and need periodic replacing? I... READ MORE

Which Lasts Longer: Saline or Silicone Breast Implants?

I go in 2 wks to talk to my dr. (which is amazing) But in the mean time i was wanting to get more info. Saline or Silacone. I have heard many bad... READ MORE

I Am a 6'1" Athletic M2f. Which Sort Implant is More Durable to a Sport Like Rowing.

I am a 6'1" athletic m2f. Which sort implant is more durable to a sport like rowing. READ MORE

How long is an average bed rest after breast implants?

Im only a receptionist. i literally stay sitting for my whole 6 hour shift. prefer not to take off work if i dont really need to, theres really no one... READ MORE

Ruptured Saline Breast Implant Warranty. How much credit, how long for surgeons office to issue refund for saline implant(s)?

My question is, How long does it generally take for this credit or refund from the Drs office to happen? I paid for my surgery in full a few weeks... READ MORE

I'm Having Gel Breast Implants Put in and Was Wondering How Long They Should Last?

I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs and having gel implant put in under the muscle. I'm wondering how long should the implants last. I'm just... READ MORE

How long can you have implants?

I have had mine since 2002. I haven't had any problems but I heard that they get hard and you have to have them moved at some time. My last mammogram... READ MORE

How long can I keep my saline implants? They are 12 years old and I have no problems with them. How long will they last?

My saline implants are 12 years old for how long they last ? I have no problems with them . READ MORE

How long does it take for recovery after breast augmentation?

I want to get it done before we go on vacation in april. I am going to see a dr on Monday but i am anxious now. READ MORE

I Had To Postpone Surgery But Already Have Implants, How Long Can Breast Implants Be Stored?

I had separated a date for breast augmentation surgery and gave the implants payment. However, I had to postpone the surgery. Since the implants had... READ MORE

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