Lollipop + Breast Implants

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Can I Take the Steri Strips off Around the Areola Now?

I had a lollipop lift after explants 3 weeks and 2 days ago. The steri strips underneath the breast have mostly peeled off but the ones around the... READ MORE

Have my Breast Implants Bottomed Out? (photo)

Hi, I had a breast augmentation and lollipop lift 3 1/2 yrs ago. About 2 months post op I started suspecting I might be bottoming out. I have very... READ MORE

Would This Be Appropriate for Me? (photo)

I'm 5'1 weighing in at 123 And currently a small C. I've had three kids. Ill be having a lollipop lift on both breast and 400cc high profile saline... READ MORE

2 consults, 2 breast widths. Loved suggested size/diameter from PS #1, but have better rapport with and trust PS #2 more (Photo)

1. Is it okay to question a PS's measurements if everything else about them feels like they're the doc for you? #1 said 13cm width (5'2", 31" ribcage,... READ MORE

Any advice? I am obsessed. Want answers or to tell me I'm crazy and everything is fine. (Photo)

I am 5 months post op. I had 550 cc high profile implants placed behind the muscle with a lollipop lift. I am 5'6, 155 lbs, med/large athletic build.... READ MORE

Breasts Very Uneven After Breast Lift with Implants

I had breast lift/implant surgery 2 wks ago. My left breast, anchor lift w/ 210cc saline, is much bigger than the right, lollipop lift with 300cc. I... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon says lollipop lift w/implants. Can I get Bellini lift? (photo)

Just wanted an idea if $12k was reasonable for a lollipop lift w implants. Not sure. Wondering if I can get away with the other lift that doesn't... READ MORE

3 months post op - sagging breasts? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and breast implants 3 months ago. I am relatively happy with my results but in the last month it seems my breasts have dropped to... READ MORE

Not happy with BL / BA? (photo)

Hi , 6 weeks ago i had a BA/ BL ( lolliepop ) , I know they are alot better then they were but i am so unhappy with them . I had 485 round mod profile... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of tieing a long shoelace for extra support after mastopexy revision? (Photo)

I had my revision mastopexy a few days ago. First surgery 6 months ago. Breast were saggy. This time had a lollipop lift. Dr. Wants me to wear a... READ MORE

11 days post op, lower pole of my right breast is looking flat and "pudgy." Will this change with time? (photos)

250cc sub glandular implant with lollipop incision breast lift. Had asymmetry pre-op, right breast sat much lower and was larger in size (some tissue... READ MORE

Why does my right breast look square from side while laying down? (photos)

I have a rather large space between my breasts and my right nipple is always popping out of my bras. Algerian 410 anatomical, 350 cc with lollipop... READ MORE

Does a breast lift without implants last as long as one with?

I'm considering converting Benelli lift with 400 mL silicone implants to a lollipop lift without implants? Will I get long lasting lift with or... READ MORE

Will implants work for me, or should I get a lift? I am 5'8", 145lbs and lost 50+lbs (Photo)

After 3 consultations I am confused about what I need. 2/3 doctors said implant alone should be fine, but i may need a lift in the future, and the... READ MORE

Is it reasonable for my doctor to cover a revision if he did not perform the technique we agreed on prior to surgery? (photo)

I'm post op day 15 in the photo. My doctor performed a periareolar lift with fat transfer but we agreed on a lollipop lift so that's what I was... READ MORE

What size of implant should I get with a lollipop surgery? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old, i'm 5,2 foot tall and my current weight is 167 pounds, and i'm planing to loose 10 to 13 pounds for the big day which will be the... READ MORE

Are my 10 Yr old saline implants the possible issue? Could the implants be causing problems with my rib cage pain and muscles?

In 2014 I experienced severe pain & muscle tightening around rib cage, ribs, chest wall & breasts. Muscles in entire area locked, tightened &... READ MORE

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