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Breast Implant Surgery - General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia?

I would like to have just local anesthesia for my breast implant surgery but it seems that most Dr.s only offer general....I am allergic to all... READ MORE

Is Local Anesthesia Safe? What Can I Expect During Surgery?

First off I want to thank all the advice I got on my last question! A lot of you advised me not to go 800cc HP saline.. After talking to my PS he also... READ MORE

Subglandular Breast Implants with a Local and Versed?

My fear is so great of General or deep sedation that it is preventing me from breast agumentation. I have had three children naturally and prefer that... READ MORE

I'm so scared of general anesthesia! For breast implant surgery

I'm not scared of the after pain or the recovery I'm not concerned about that AT ALL. & $$ is definitely not a issue. The only one thing holding me... READ MORE

I'm going to beauty med spa for breast implants in 2 weeks. Is it safe?!!! They do local anesthesia.

I'm going to beauty med spa Framingham MA they do local anesthesia. I'm having breast implants in 2 weeks. Is it safe?!!! Framingham MA they do local... READ MORE

Smoking before breast augmentation? Having local anesthesia.

My PS told me not to smoke two weeks prior. I'm having a really hard time with this. I'm wont be completely under since he does local anesthesia. I'm... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation by IV & local?

I live in Houston, Texas and am looking for a board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation with silicone or gummy implants without... READ MORE

What is a scar revision for tethered periareolar incision? Under local (Photo)

I am 6 1/2 months post op. In 2 weeks (at 7 months post op) I will be having an in-office scar revision procedure. My Dr. didn't explain all the... READ MORE

Can I get implants without a breast lift? (Photo)

Advice. I am wanting to get my breasts augmented. gummy implants. i believe i May need a breast lift but dint want to go that route. I have one child... READ MORE

Can bottoming out be fixed under local anesthesia?

I'm now 6 weeks post op 350 cc sub muscular with lowering of the infamammory fold. my left breast bottomed out right after my PS took out the stitches... READ MORE

Can I remove my 4 month and a half silicone implant, under the muscle with local anesthesia?

I was 32 A or a small B and I get 460 cc under the muscle changing to 32D I am unhappy with the result since first day I hate them , I just was... READ MORE

Is bottoming out common? Is nickel used in the permanent sutures? Will I have the same problem after the correction?

I had 485 cc textured gel implants placed in Nov '14. 8 months post op and I've noticed that my left implant is dropping and I can feel the implant... READ MORE

Should the capsule be removed for saline implants? No capsular contraction.

Do silicone implants make a difference? Very confused in LA and now very sceptical.I have seen five Drs had five totally different opinions ranging... READ MORE

Capsule removal needed if implants only three months old?

I am having my submuscular silicon breast implants removed and I have a few concerns. My implants were only in for 3 months and PS says no capsule... READ MORE

Will I feel anything with local anesthesia and sedation under muscle for breast implants?

My surgeon favours this method and it seems to work well I'm just afraid I'll feel anything during surgery? He also uses glue opose to strips for... READ MORE

Can local anesthesia in another surgery affect your current implants?

I had my breast implants about a year and half ago. Everything was fine until I had to go under anesthesia again for a unrelated minor surgery... READ MORE

Local anesthesia for subglandular ?

Hi! I am Hoping that i am a suitable candidate for subandular silicone implants. I have a moderate amount of droop buy hope i can avoid a lift for... READ MORE

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