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Breast Implants After Breastfeeding. Do I Need a Lift too?

5"4 130 pounds, 3 children, and have been finished breastfeeding for 4 months. Planning on getting implants (I want around 400-550 cc) and... READ MORE

Choosing Breast Implant Profiles and Size for Deflated Breasts?

My breasts are deflated after nursing and I want to be informed for my consultations. I am 5'6", 150 lbs, have a 34-36 inch chest, roughly 13 BWD... READ MORE

Can Asymmetrical Breasts be Fixed Without Surgery?

Hi! I am 22 years old and I was wondering from looking at my pictures could my asymmetrical breast be fixed without implants? Or would I need implants... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants to DD Without Getting a Breast Lift?

I was wondering if I could just get implants without getting a lift? I had my son about 7 months ago.I am looking to go bigger to a DD, but I am not... READ MORE

Want 180cc. Why Do Many Plastic Surgeons Push for More?

I'm a 5'0, 119 lbs, athletic build with big B/small C breasts. I'm very happy with my size, but starting to sag. Not doing a breast lift... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Large Implants, Is this Possible? (photo)

I have a lot of sagging and droopiness so I definitely need a breast lift but I also want large implants. I was thinking 800cc but it does not even... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Very Small Implants to Change Shape and Not Size???

I had a breast reduction 6 years ago (best thing I ever did for myself). Two children later, my breasts are saggy and low. Is it possible to have a... READ MORE

Breast Implant Type and Profile for Mild Sagging?

I have mild sagging. I am looking for breast implants alone, no lift. Which implant type and profile should I consider--high profile, or low profile;... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Enough to Give Some Lift?

After pregnancy and breastfeeding my breasts are sagging a little bit (only 2 cm) and are empty in the upper part. My Plastic Surgeon told me that he... READ MORE

Can Rippling Go Away?

I had my implants fix from a capillary contraction. During this time they put the implant under the muscle and also did a lift. I'm 5'7 and 135 pounds... READ MORE

For Naturally Big Breasts (DD) - Implants Before or After Kids to Help with Sagginess?

I am a natural DD and I was wondering if it is better to get implants to preserve the perkiness and symmetry of breasts before having kids.. Or is it... READ MORE

Can Behind the Muscle Implants Help Lift Breasts?

I am 47 years old. I am currently a 34D size. My nipples are not completely displaced downward, only slightly. Can breast augmentation behind the... READ MORE

When Can I Get a Breast Lift After Having Breast Implants?

I had saline implants 5 yrs a go... I decided to "do everything" again (tummy tuck breast augmentation and lipo) after having another baby 5 months a... READ MORE

For parenchymal maldistribution breasts, can I achieve rounded, perkier breasts with just implants or do I need a lift? (Photo)

My nipples aren't centered, sit too low, point to the ground, creating a "droopy snoopy" triangular appearance. When my nipples are erect, my breasts... READ MORE

Breast Sagging - Will Implants Lift Nipples?

My nipple is at the level of the Inframammary fold, So i'm assuming thats grade I minor ptosis? Anyway with that being said would that be okay... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a Periareolar Lift and Implants or is Another Lift Best?

Stats: 24/F/Mom of 3 5'7" currently 180lbs, currently in the process of losing 80lbs, goal weight:145lbs bra size: 36D/DD - Deflated, ptosis... READ MORE

Will Implants Keep Perky Breasts Perky?

I've heard that breast implants will keep breasts perkier longer (breast-feeding not included). Is this true? If I am young and still have lifted,... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift with my Augmentation? I have asymmetry, does it cost extra to fix that?

Im 20. im currently 7 months pregnant. i plan on getting breast implants about 3/4 months after pregnancy. my breast are a little bigger than what... READ MORE

Breasts Low After Implants - Should I Have Had a Lift?

My breasts still look very low after augmentation i was advised i did not need an uplift just low profile larger implants top fill out loose skin i am... READ MORE

Correction of Moderate Breast Ptosis

I am a 48 years, 5'4" and 140 lbs. I had one child and breastfed. I want to improve the sagging and increase volume of of my breast but wish... READ MORE

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