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Breast Lift with Internal Support Using Sutures, Flaps Etc; What Should I Look For?

Hi, I'm very interested in the breast lift procedures that involve creating an internal bra or support system. Is this a common procedure and are... READ MORE

Can Breform Be Placed over Silicone Implants to Produce a Breast Lift?

I currently have 12 year old implants, placed above the muscle. I have been looking into breast lift procedures and at first had thought by placing... READ MORE

I am a smaller framed girl, looking to go 650-750cc, my fear is bottoming out. Would you recommend the internal bra?

I am about 5"1, 130(ish)lbs. I am looking to go anywhere from 650-750ccs. I am worried, however, about bottoming out. How common is this and what are... READ MORE

I've heard a lot about the subfascial implant location. Does the fascia help support the breast implant & decrease sagging?

I am wondering what doctor's think about the subfascial implant position. I have read that it helps "hold up" the implant and act like an internal bra... READ MORE

Is it normal/better to use an internal bra for large implants?

This is the first I've heard of internal bra and meshes READ MORE

Confused. My implants are in the bottom and my upper pole is deflated. Why?

After " internal bra technique " my implants are in the bottom and my upper pole is deflated . why???? what can cause this problem ??? READ MORE

Help - XL breasts, terrified of the outcome! (photos)

Like I said I'm a 34C 130 pounds and want to place 800cc's in me my desired photos I have added & my breasts now BUT I am told by this surgeon... READ MORE

Can I ask my surgeon to place an internal bra or something else to prevent bottoming out with larger implants? (Photo)

I'm wanting between 500-600cc saline implants but am afraid of bottoming out. Can I prevent this? And what causes bottoming out exactly? I'm a natural... READ MORE

How long till the drop?

Hi I just got 900cc understand with internal bra with dr Revis. I love them but they still havnt dropped into place. How long did your take? They look... READ MORE

4 months post op. Are the nipples ever going to point slightly up? (Photo)

It has been 4 months since internal bra and areolas reductions, will the nipples ever going to be pointing slightly up soon? READ MORE

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