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Replace Breast Implants Every 10 Years?

Should Breast implants be replaced every 10 years? If not, how often? Is this covered by insurance? READ MORE

Uneven Breasts - Will Insurance Cover Implants?

I am 21 years old, two years ago I had a fine needle aspiration on my right breast. Throughout the two years I have noticed that my right breast has... READ MORE

When Will Health Insurance Pay for Implants?

I have small breasts (barely A) and many fibroadenomas in one of them that are growing and I keep finding more. I will need to have them removed at... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Tubular Deformity Covered by Insurance?

Do insurance companies cover breast augmentation for patients with tubular breast deformity? READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for Complications Resulting from Breast Implants?

If something like a infection develops after getting breast implants, will the treatment of the infection be covered by insurance? READ MORE

Dealing with Slow Leakage. Where Do I start? (photo)

I am 67 and had my implants for 32 years. Now I have a very slow leakage which has recently increased and have lose about 1/3 of the implant in one... READ MORE

If One Silicone Implant is Leaking, How Urgent is Explantation? Would Insurance Cover This Expense? I

If One Silicone Implant is Leaking, How Urgent is Explantation?  Would Insurance Cover This Expense? READ MORE

Does Having Breast Implants Affect Health Coverage?

Is it true that women with Breast implants may have a problem getting health coverage? READ MORE

I Am 5'1", Weigh 118lbs and Have 32GG Breasts. Am I a Candidate for a Reduction?

At 5'1" and 119lbs with 32GG Breasts am I a candidate for breast reduction through Blue Cross/Horizon/Medicade? My PCP says I am but must... READ MORE

Will short term disability (Sunlife) cover recovery from cosmetic surgery?

I am planning to get a breast lift and implants done. I work in an assembly plant and have been told I can get short term disability for my recovery... READ MORE

Intracapsular Rupture & Insurance?

Just had an MRI which revealed Intracapsular Rupture from a saline implant 8 yrs ago. From what I can tell it is a rupture that is still held within... READ MORE

Cost of Breast Implants in Hinesville, GA?

I've had two kids, and since I was a little girl I've always wanted bigger boobs. When I was little in school I got boobs before everyone else. But as... READ MORE

Do Most Insurance Carriers Cover the Cost of Mammograms if I Have Breast Implants?

My insurance approves screening for routine mammograms at no additional cost, but I'm concerned that I will have to pay each year to have the... READ MORE

Breast Reduction at Montreal - What is the Waiting Time?

I am considering having a breast reduction. I am eligible to be covered by RAMQ, as I have more than 250g to remove from each breast. My question is... READ MORE

Follow-up: Does insurance cover tuberous breast since it is abnormal?

I know there is no health concern with tuberous breast but is there anyway around it? Any recommendations? READ MORE

How much does MRI cost to check silicone implants in Canada? is it covered by OHIP?

How much does MRI cost to check silicone implants in Canada? is it covered by OHIP? READ MORE

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