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Muscle Inflammation After Breast Implants and Reconstruction

I had a mastectomy in September. I underwent reconstruction. I have an inflammatory response in my muscle and a deep aching pain everytime I use my... READ MORE

Inflammation After BA? Is It Serious? (Photo)

I have underwent BA on 20.6., had a lot of bruising but it is almost gone now. What worries me now is propably much more serious. 3 days ago I woke up... READ MORE

Any suggestions for breast implants and rash? (photos)

Yesterday morning I woke up to a red rash on my breast. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction in 2008. I went to my general doctor and was... READ MORE

Right Breast Swelling/Incision Site Inflammation Five Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Five weeks after silicone sub muscular implants i have developed a very swollen, hard, right breast. The incision site is inflamed and the redness has... READ MORE

Lump on Scar Line That Can Push Back in. I Am 2yrs Post-Op Breast Implants and Experiencing Inflammation?

I have a small lump on the scar line underneath my right breast, i am 2 years post breast implant op. over the last week the area around this has... READ MORE

What kind of symptoms will you get with an inflammatory response from your breast implants?

Ever since my surgery my health has been declining. I was a very healthy fit woman. I have gained 10 pounds, swollen joints, fatigue and weakness,... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Sharp Pains. Took Ibuprofen, Still Have Pain?

I got my breast implants in 2006 and about a year later started having pain in my left breast; the pain is located, what feels like my heart.. I did... READ MORE

Infection after 1 year? Could this be inflammation or trauma? (Photo)

Hello my question is May I have an infection? I had a breast augmentation 1 year ago silicone implants over the muscle. Now after 2 weeks I suddenly... READ MORE

Can my 20 year old implants be making me sick?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and now fibromyalgia, Also have stomach issues and sore joints with a high inflammation count. I am hearing that... READ MORE

Are my implants infected? (photos)

I am 3 1/2 months post op after having a breast implants + lift. I had spitting stitches around my nipples about 1-2 months after my surgery, which I... READ MORE

Could it be the muscle underneath being inflamed or the breast implant?

It will be 3 yrs this February that I had my breast implant surgery. After a 3 day painting frenzy I noticed my right breast (the one I used to do... READ MORE

What are the symptoms of inflammation or implant rejection? Mine are hurting after 2 years of surgery.

I have had breast implants for over 2 years now and my left breast has been bothering me lately. Very tender and uncomfortable. A year ago I found a... READ MORE

Can I leave PIP Implants in ?

Hi, I have PIP implants put in in 2001 over the muscle , a small C , and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with them. Recent ultrasound shows... READ MORE

My right breast is different in size than my left. (Photo)

I got my augmentation 3 weeks ago. My left had 2cm sagging so it received 339cc, vs my right which got 393. Now my question is how can they ban ace... READ MORE

Can breast implants cause inflammation? Glands, lymph nodes, neck and inner ear drums.

I have had my implants for 9 years. For the last 7years I have chronic pain from the neck upwards with swollen throbbing glands/lymph nods. Also inner... READ MORE

Could a ruptured saline implant be the cause of my pain?

My saline implant ruptured over a yr ago. I was breast feeding so I put it off. 6months ago I started having a lot of pain in armpits. After MRI ct... READ MORE

Question regarding inflammation of left breast compared to right. Is it compressing the implant?

Hello, I had my breast augmentation this morning at 7am. The surgery was short and sweet, and I was out in no time. Looking at my breasts in my... READ MORE

Is this something I should worry about? Is a double bubble forming? (Photos)

I had a BA on Dec.29 and I noticed what seems to be inflammation around my left breast, I'm worried something is wrong or a double bubble is forming.... READ MORE

should I get a second opinion? was my doctor thorough?

I had my breast implants done 4yrs ago. Last year I had my first inflammation my breast became very sore and they began to swell, I didn't have... READ MORE

Can I postpone my breast surgery to have implants removed?

I fell on my left breast. It became inflamed and painful in the lower outside curve. Now it does not hurt and is no longer inflamed.l. There is no... READ MORE

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