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Can You Add More Saline After Breast Implant Surgery?

Can I have more saline added to Allergan 68 nattrelle implants 360-390. I have 375cc and was wanting it filled to 390? READ MORE

Sagging Breasts After Breast Implant Exchange

I recently had implant exchange. I also had a capsular contraction in one breast. Before the surgery, my breasts were sloped, but not hanging. After... READ MORE

What Went Wrong with my Breast Lift with Implants?

I had my breast implants replaced and lifted. They were big, high and round but began to droop over the years. I never expected the breast implants to... READ MORE

What's Best to Get More Projection with Breast Implants?

I had 475 mod profile unders 3 months ago. They are wide enough but do not project very far. I am 5'6 140 pounds petite looking. Besides talking to my... READ MORE

Will Large Breast Implants Cause Problems?

What problems will I have with a saline implant that has 750cc's of saline and what size bra cup is that? READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have my Breasts Redone to Gain Slightly Bigger Implants?

And how many cc's should I have gotten? I had always been a size D/C up until I started having children. At 31 and three children later, my breasts... READ MORE

Hi I Currently Have 250cc Implants and Am Having Them Replaced with 300cc Ones. They Wouldn't Be Too Much Bigger Would They?

The reason I am going slightly bigger is because I have slight ptosis and the surgeon and myself agreed they might improve the shape without mastopexy... READ MORE

How Risky is It to Change out Breast Implants 3 Months After Surgery?

I had BA 3 months ago and one has always been a little larger than the other so my PS said wait another month to see if it settles. If it doesnt then... READ MORE

Can I Switch 25 Year-old Implants from over to Under?

My implants are nearly 25 year-old. I don't have any problems with them. They were placed above the muscles. I'm very fortunate that they're not... READ MORE

I will be having surgery to replace 240cc Silicone gel implants. Are my breasts really distant/separate? (photos)

I have 240cc silicone gel bilateral for 12 yrs. Next month I will have surgery to replace the implants. During consultation, the doctor commented that... READ MORE

Can You Get a Breast Implant Revision After Muscles Were Shaved for First Surgery?

My Dr. had to shave muscle under neath & on top to make room for implants , can i redo & go larger? there is no fullness in the center only on... READ MORE

Silicone implants are 40 yrs old. If I'm happy with them, should I change them?

I believe they are Dow Corning. Mammograms have been normal & breasts still look pretty good for an old lady. I live by the adage, "if it's not broken... READ MORE

I have a natural breast diameter of 12.2, would a larger diameter be advisable? Can new implants be inserted through the armpit?

I've had 2 boob jobs. 1st.saline 315cc in 2005. Both done through the armpit. In 2010 had redone to silicone 725cc. Feb 2014 had removed. I initially... READ MORE

Is my asymmetry post lift and augmentation normal or a sign that my left side is bottoming out? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation in March 2013. I developed a left capsular contracture and required a capsulectomy with implant replacement in... READ MORE

Is a lift necessary? (photo)

I want to switch these saline implants to silicone. After nursing, the implants are very palpable. I've gone to a couple of consultations, and one... READ MORE

Breast augmentation: from saline to silicone, 13 years after. Is it possible? Silicone or saline, subglandular or submuscular?

I had my saline at age 33. They are 300 cc subglandular ( 36A to 36C). (I'm 5'10'' 142 lb. ) 13 years later implants started to wrinkle. One of my... READ MORE

I am an athlete fluctuating 16-12% body fat. 5'3 measurements: 37-27-37. Low profile implant for a wide chest, thoughts? (Photo)

. i have terrible bilateral spreading and unnatural shape. i want natural cleavage (not a massive sternum with visibly rippled pecs and misshapen... READ MORE

2nd hematoma possible in opposite side of boob?

I had a hematoma in my left breast in jan 2014, evacuated and new implant replaced. I'm 6 weeks post op and noticed my right side is swelling. Is it a... READ MORE

I'm 9 days post breast revision surgery and the doctor changed my implants from 125cc to 150cc. Will they get smaller?

I feel weak and too swolen on my breast I can't even use my tops. I feel depressed and I have a big belly too. How much approx do you think my breasts... READ MORE

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