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Will Icing 1 Breast Make It Drop Faster Than the Other?

5 days post opp and during the surgery my surgeon raised my right breast more than the left and nipple nercrosis was startling on the right so it was... READ MORE

When can I start icing my chest with an ice pack after breast implant surgery?

I just got BA surgery this morning and right now my chest if feeling very tight and swollen. My doctor never said anything about using ice packs on my... READ MORE

Why Does It Hurt So Badly Icing my Breasts 5 Days Post Op? (photo)

I had a BA 5 days ago, and today is the first day I really got out and about. I feel a bit of a lump, or dip, in my right breast on the side. I have... READ MORE

Is the recovery time with silicone Breast implants longer then saline?

I have friends and family that have saline implants and they felt perfectly fine after 2-3 days. I'm 9 days into my recovery and I still discomfort... READ MORE

Boob pain and swelling. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

My right boob aches badly and started to blow up , I iced it went to normal . Now my right boobs softer and settled in than the left , more than it... READ MORE

I am now one week post, is this pain normal? (photo)

I was a 34b, 5 foot tall and 125 pounds. I went with a larger implant and my surgeon and I discussed silicone 500cc under the muscle. I had a lollipop... READ MORE

2 yrs post op, I have a breast implant displacement. In the meantime what can I use ice or heat?

I have a breast implant displacement. I have had this for 2 years now. My original doctor said the fix he could do would not permanently fix the... READ MORE

Can I use ice packs?

Hello, I'm 5 days post opp had 375cc overs and I feel terrible I can't lift my right arm much I'm so stiff and can barely walk for a few minutes I'm... READ MORE

Just had BA surgery a week ago. I'm concerned that I messed up one of my boobs, it's very swollen

Just had BA surgery a week ago, I went to hug someone and He squeeze me tight and then I felt something in my Breast, now one of my boobs are very... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post op. I feel good. but my right breast keeps getting really sharp shooting pains. Is this normal? (Photo)

It hirts to ice it and I have been taking my pain med and muscle relxers on schedule The incision area looks good on both sides . READ MORE

Ice pack on breast implants?

Will putting ice on my breast after breast implant surgery help with the burning shooting pain. READ MORE

Is it OK if I sleep on my back or sides? Should I be using ice packs on my chest?

1 day post op, I was not told how to sleep, is it ok if I sleep on mu back or sides, does it matter? Should I be using ice packs on my chest? I got... READ MORE

Did I damage my breast augmentation 2 wks post op by slipping and falling on the ice?

This morning my feet slipped out from under me on the ice. Before I could hit the ground I instinctively caught myself on the hood of my car with my... READ MORE

Is it ok to ice my breast implants a month after surgery because they are sore and healing from capsular contraction?

So It's a month after my breast aug and after two and a half weeks I noticed my right breast is extra sore and hard. On my 3 week post op appointment... READ MORE

I'm in pain, is this normal?

I'm 17 days post op from sub muscle 480cc implants. I also had lipo on my arm pits. My pec muscles and breasts are still very sore to the touch and... READ MORE

Is it okay to use an ice pack over post surgery bra? Just for the first couple days?

I had a BA 12 hours ago, My surgeon didn't say whether or not I could use an ice pack over my surgery bra and ace wrap of course. It may be a silly... READ MORE

Is it common to have intense, sharp pain a week+ post op after implants?

I have a very small build and 385cc high profile implants under the muscle. I am 8 days post op and still have very sharp pain when I use my arms for... READ MORE

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