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1 Year Post Breast Implants: Worried I Have Capsular Contracture

A year ago next tuesday 5/10/2010,I had breast implant surgery, 36DD, saline implants, high profile, under the muscle(My left breast was always a half... READ MORE

When Will my Implants Drop? Did I Make a Mistake by Wearing a Sports Bra?

I had a breast augmentation on June 13, 2012, my implants are smooth round high profile saline, they are still sitting pretty high up. When should I... READ MORE

My Breast Implants Seem Too High. I Got 350cc Implants Put in 3 Days Ago and They Are Too High. Why? (photo)

I got 350cc silicone implants put in 3 days ago, behind the muscle. I was a 34-A before, looking to become a 34-C. I came out of surgery and they are... READ MORE

One Week and Four Days? (photo)

I started with a 32a and got 450cc .. I worry that my boobs are not dropping fast enough .. What kind of message should I do? My surgeon said to only... READ MORE

Is one my breast implants too low? Do I need revision to lower one? (Photo)

752cc, mod plus. 6 week, is one of my breast implant too low? Or the other one to high? Would I need revision to lower one?, To be a line with the one... READ MORE

I had a high profile motiva 325cc implant under muscle. How long till the side view drops a bit? (photos)

I have only just had my operation so I am not too worried at the moment. However the front view looks fine but the side view seems very high. Will... READ MORE

I Want Big Perky Boobs is It Possible with my Breast Type? (photo)

I got a lift and reduction 2 years ago. I want big perky boobs but I'm a 38D.Is it possible with my breast type? I want them really high the highest... READ MORE

My Implants Are High and Under my Arms and They Are Very Tight

My surgeon gave me a bra to wear but it isn't doing anything for me. I have read where several doctors use a wrap to help reduce swelling and to... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Suitable for Women with High Nipples?

I am a 34A and am considering 300cc silicone gel implants under the muscle. Problem? My nipples sit a bit high, and my biggest fear is that even with... READ MORE

35 days post op. Why is my left boob rock hard and up higher and my right is down lower and a lot softer? (photo)

Right boob lower and softer. Left boob is rock hard and sits up higher making it look bigger.455cc in right boob and 480 cc in left with high profile... READ MORE

Implants are High 7 Days Post-op. Massage?

7 Days Post-op. I Am 5'5" and 140lbs. I Went from a 34A to a D/DD (575cc) TUBA. my implants seem to be riding very high like to my collarbone... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, my breast are very high up. How long do I need to wait until my implants drop? (photo)

Im a 2 weeks PO. My breasts are so high. This is not what I thought they would look like after surgery. I had transumbilical breast augmentation and... READ MORE

Left breast is firmer and higher than right breast. Is this the beginning of capsular contracture? (Photo)

I'm 6 months post op breast augmentation. I had 475 cc silicone high profile under the muscle. I noticed about 2 weeks ago my left breast was more... READ MORE

Two months post op breast augmentation. Left breast is still high and nipple is smaller than the right. (Photo)

I just hit exactly two months post op. I have 350cc silicone underneath the muscle. I've always noticed that the left breast is taking longer to drop... READ MORE

Still so square and high for week 3, is this normal? Also so small for having implants. (Photo)

Augmentation: November 21. Started at 32/34A; BW 13.5. Received silicone under muscle 375cc. Do they look normal for week 3? They seem so high and... READ MORE

6 weeks post op breast implants (Motiva), what can be the cause?

6 weeks after implant surgery and the implant it still very high. The PS says they have to settle. However, could it be that beast looks this way,... READ MORE

Why did my implant shift up? (Photo)

I got silicone implants 11 mo. ago, In Nov I layed on the floor so my sis can crackmy back &when she pushed we heard a loud pop (not the back)the pop... READ MORE

Silicone vs Saline? (Photo)

38 yrs old, three kids, 5'1" 120lbs athletic built. 3rd BA, First BA 17 years ago saline 350 cc ( botched) revision this Aug moderate silicone 650... READ MORE

I have a lot of swelling and my implants are still semi high, will this go down with time? (photos)

Before BA I was a deflated A-B cup. I ended up going with 600cc silicon under the muscle implants. Look at my breasts I am pretty happy with the... READ MORE

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