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Will Band Help with One Breast Implant That's Higher Than the Other?

One of my breast implants is higher than the other, should I just start wearing my band again, or do I need to see my doctor? READ MORE

Does your height effect how implants will look?

Imagine you are presented with two women with the same build, ribcage measurement, and BWD. Both want 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle.... READ MORE

Tall and Thin~help me with implant size please! How much does height play into sizing? (Photo)

I'm 36 years old, 5'10", 130 lbs, thin but muscular build. Right now I am a 36AA and have decided to finally get a breast augmentation after about 10... READ MORE

Any suggestions for asymmetrical nipple height? (photos)

I did my breast implants last year in June 2014. I already noticed that the nipple height is not the same. But it seems to be getting more obvious... READ MORE

Implants too low, Areola reduction required? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation on 25 Jan 2014 (365cc silicone) I am pleased with my results but can't help feeling like my implants are perhaps slightly... READ MORE

Implant height is very rarely discussed here. Would anatomically shaped "tall" implants be appropriate for me?

I'm planning to have my first BA soon and I would like to have some idea of what implants might work well. Since I am fairly active I prefer the... READ MORE

Are 450cc too big on me? Should I go down 100ccs in 6 months? Will my skin be saggy? (Photos)

I am 2weeks post op and have been so depressed and have anxiety. I think I went too big. I started with barely any breast tissue left after nursing 3... READ MORE

Is 500 - 550cc good for my height and weight?

Im about 5'1 and i weigh about 125lbs. Im currently and a cup Ive been looking at before and afters and i love how 500-550cc look. Im scared if i... READ MORE

Which breast implant is best for me. How many cc will you consider for someone my height and weight? (Photos)

I am considering getting a breast implant. I am 4'11 and weight 127. I want a natural looking breast. My current bra size is a 34B. My ideal cup side... READ MORE

Saline or Silicone, what would be best for my height and frame? (Photo)

I've had several consultations and have finally booked my surgery. I just keep going back and forth between saline and silicone. I'm currently 5'8,... READ MORE

5'10, 145lbs and seeking advice about the difference between the SRF520 520cc vs SRX580 580cc silicone implants. (photos)

I met with a surgeon for BA that's scheduled soon. The consultation was great & he gave options but I have some questions. The 375cc moderate... READ MORE

I like the height of my breast even though it's considered low: would they look awful with implants only?

I wish to fill out my empty breasts not willing to cut my areolas for any type of lift at this time maybe a few years after having another child READ MORE

How much of a role does height play in selecting profile? Best profile for anchor lift? 5'0 can I do Hp silicone implant?(photo)

I need an anchor lift so I don't know my bwd... I am 5'0 and don't want to look to top heavy. All pics I like are high profile implants. Can I do Hp?... READ MORE

Anatomical implants - why are there different heights of implants?

I've been suggested tall/full projection 320cc implants by my doctor, does that mean they will sit high up on my chest? I'm 5'8, BWD 11.5, very... READ MORE

Did I compromise my nipples being at the same height in order to have my breast fold be at the same height? POD5

I put full control into my PS giving me what I ask; natural, fitting for my body breast. One thing he talked about was the height of my breast fold... READ MORE

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