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How Old is Too Old for Breast Implants?

I am 57 yrs old, good health, physically fit. I work out and walk. I have always had small breasts. Am I too old? READ MORE

How dangerous are gummy bear implants for the health?

I am considering breast implants and scared of the possible health risks connected to gummy bear implants. Also, I am concerned about the expenses... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Someone with Health Concerns?

I'm considering having Breast augmentation, but I'm not sure if I should go with Saline or Silicone. My plastic surgeon recommends silicone, but after... READ MORE

What are the health risks of not removing ruptured 28 yr old siilcone implants?

I have 28 yr old implants and am 62 yrs old. Do they have to come out. Ultrasound shows intracapsular rupture. READ MORE

What Are the Health Implications of Breast Implants

If the casing of the implant is essentially plastic, is their dioxin in the material that holds the saline implant? Is this plastic causing unforeseen... READ MORE

What Are The Health Risks Linked to Breast Implants.

I was inquiring about implants and really wanted to get them. However like most sensible people you will do your homework before jumping in head first... READ MORE

Is a "Button-hole" a Normal Complication of Breast Implants?

My surgeon "button-holed" my skin. The cut reopened and implants needed to be removed due to possible infection. I now need 6 wks of IV & oral... READ MORE

If I have cellulitis what does that mean? (photos)

Do I need my implants removed? Is my health at risk? I tend to over think but can't help cause it's my body. I haven't been told by my doctor that I... READ MORE

Silicone health risks?

What are the health risks of silicone implants? If they rupture, what would happen if it didn't all stay in the scar tissue surrounding the implant?... READ MORE

After the week of surgery with breast implants what can we eat?

I've been eating healthy for the past week no oil grease just salads and chicken soup that my gf makes. When can I eat what I want READ MORE

How will I know if my silicone implant ruptures and if it does, is it safe?

My PS told me that MRI's don't do a good job picking up a ruptured silicone implant, therefore I don't have to get them. How will I know if it... READ MORE

7 cosmetic surgeries, potential 8th, am I putting myself at risk getting implants after so many surgical procedures?

I've had 7 surgeries & am worried about an 8th. 1) breast aug 2) implant fill 3) implant size increase, rhinoplasty & chin aug 4) implant size... READ MORE

Underneath vs over the muscle -- which option is better health wise?

Hello Doctors and thanks you for answering my pervious questions. 1) Will my breast be bigger if I have 800cc silicone underneath or 800cc over the... READ MORE

What is going to happen with my implants when I'm 60-70?

I will have to remove them somehow and the anestesia and scars don't work the same at that age. Will the implants be an health issue? READ MORE

Does capsular contracture rupture implants?

1) Does CC rupture implants? 2) If implant did rupture, do doctors require patients to check their lymph nodes? I had a swollen neck lymph node with... READ MORE

Capsular contracture, risk to my health? Or it's an aesthetic complication?

I had a breast augmentation surgery 4 years ago, I think one of my breasts encapsulated in the bottom part since the skin there looks a little tight,... READ MORE

Silimed breast implants health scare.

There are a number of stories in the press at the moment saying that Silimed implants could be dangerous/contaminated, and are now banned in many... READ MORE

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