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Left Breast Higher and Firmer Than Right Breast 5 Weeks 2 Days Post Op?

I had 420cc High Profile saline implants under the muscle 5 wks 2 days ago (B cup before surgery hoping to acheivea full c after)and the left breast... READ MORE

Breast Became Hard Overnight and Implant Has Shifted After 11 Years? (photo)

I awoke this morning to my breast being sensitive. I leaned up against something and noticed that it was hard as a rock. When I felt my breast, I... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Due to Trauma? (photo)

I'm 9 month post surgery, it went ok, i was happy with result.3 month ago my husband pushed too much on inner side of my breast.My doctor examined me... READ MORE

Do I Have Capsular Contracture or Could It Be Something Else?

I am 25 5'4 120 post op 34B 550 cc silicone implants placed under four weeks post op i noticed a hard area on my right boob(right side, of right boob)... READ MORE

Breast Implant Never Dropped? (photo)

Almost 10 months ago I got silicon breast implants. It took the right a long time to drop but it seems it finally has. My left on the other hand still... READ MORE

Right Breast Implant So Stiff and Hard?

I got my implants back in July it been about 8 months now. Both my breast has pretty much completely went down as I can say. The problem I'm having it... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Bit Harder on a Breast Which Had a Hetatoma Removal After Breast Implant? (photo)

I had my breast implant 1 and half months. My right breast had a Hematoma occurred 2 weeks ago. It's been 2 weeks after the removal of hematoma... READ MORE

Capsular contracture question related to pregnancy and breast feeding?

I have capsular contracture :/. I noticed a hardening of my left breast about 3 months after stopping breast feeding my now 19 month old. My surgeon... READ MORE

I Have Severe Capsular Contracture and Have Had the Aspen Procedure Done, the Implants Feel Like Rocks I Hate Them?

I got implants june 2009 when i turned 18, now i am 21 and i have severe contracture, my boobs are lumpy, uncomfortable and i just want them out. I... READ MORE

Breast Getting Hard, What Could It Be?

My right breast has started getting hard, in the past few months.. Had them done in 1987 and no issues until now.. They also itch like crazy?? Any... READ MORE

Tight/Hard Tendon Post-Op 20 Days 650cc Natrelle HP? (photo)

I have a tendon that you can see under my left breast. It only becomes this way if I raise my arms above head. It is tender. How can I resolve this? READ MORE

Only One Nipple Gets Hard, Is This Normal?

Hi doctors i had breast implants n i just notice this pass days that only my left nipple gets hard when it gets cold. My right side wont get hard at... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture 4 Weeks Post Op? Hardness Under Scar on Right Breast?

I am 4 weeks after my op. i have been massaging once a day as instructed. Today i have noticed a hard area under the scar on my right breast. it feels... READ MORE

Hard and Lumpy on Bottom of Breasts - Normal?

Hi! I am 12 days post op with silicone breast implants. When I massage, my husband and I both notice hard lumpy like feeling on the bottom of each... READ MORE

I Am 18 Days Post Op from Tuberous Breat Correction and 660cc Saline Implants? (photo)

My breasts are still extremely hard and I feel that my left breast implants is several inches lower than my right. My PS did not give me any... READ MORE

Can a Beast Implant Get Hard, Swollen and Painful but Correct Itself over a Two Week Period?

I have had saline implants for over 6 years and two weeks ago, my right breast became very painful,hard,swollen,and moved up. After seeing my surgeon,... READ MORE

I Have Read Many Different Views on Saline Vs. Silicone. What Gives Saline the "Harder" Feel? (photo)

Trying to determine which would be better for a 32B who breast fed and now has deflated, sagging boobs that engorged to a size 36C. I like the idea of... READ MORE

Breast is Hard After Implants

I have had breast implants about 2 months. one breast is harder then the other, i also had leaking from under my breast from the outside, he put me on... READ MORE

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