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Hard Breast Implants

I had silicone breast implants inserted 4 years ago, and they have always been just fine, but now they are getting hard. I am worried that something... READ MORE

One of my Breasts is Harder Than the Other - Why?

I am 32 yrs old and I had breast implants (Natrelle Saline filled, 450 cc in each) placed about 2 yrs ago and haven't had any problems, but about... READ MORE

One Breast Implant is Sore and Hard

Right Breast is sore an hard, like a baseball when I lie down. Left breast feels great. 3 month post-op When laying down right breast is very hard... READ MORE

Normal for a Gel Breast Implants to Feel Hard in the Cold?

It's been three weeks since my memory gel breast implants. Is it normal for my breasts to still feel firm and tight when it's cold? It feels really... READ MORE

I Have Hardening of my Implant in One Breast. Will Massaging Make Any Difference?

I had my implants 4 years ago this summer. i have no problems at all with the other one. READ MORE

Hard, Circular Breasts - How to Avoid the Victoria Beckham/Tori Spelling Look

What gives breast that hard circular look? that is something that looks very unnatural to me and what i dont want. is it the placement or the surgeon... READ MORE

Breast Implants Hardening After Breastfeeding

I had breast augmentation about five years ago but I recently had a baby and I found that after I stopped breast feeding her my boob became very hard... READ MORE

One Breast Harder After Breast Implants

I got breast implants 12 years ago. I've just noticed that the left side is a lot harder all of a sudden. Is that normal, or should I be worried? READ MORE

Do All Implants Harden over Time?

After how many years would one start to notice hardening of their breast implants? What factors contribute to hardening? READ MORE

Pain on the Side of Breast(and at the Juncture of Armpit)

It has been three years since my breast implant surgery.i had the under the muscle left breast has always seemed to move around alot and... READ MORE

Left Breast As Hard As a Rock 10.5 Years After Breast Implants?

I had breast implants 10 1/2 years ago. About 7 months ago my left breast started getting hard in the corner. It has now progressed to the entire... READ MORE

Right Breast Harder, Higher and Bruised 8 Days After Surgery

I am post op 8 days after having my 9 year old saline implants replaced as the DR felt that the right implant had ruptured. Original implants were... READ MORE

Hardened breast implant, can this go away? (Picture)

Eight years ago, I augmented 235 ml round silicon implants. Recently I noticed that my left breast is harder then the right one and that I could... READ MORE

Does This Sound Like Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I had my 10 week post op appointment on Monday, and everything went well, and I was soo happy with my results (Today is now Friday) However, Yesterday... READ MORE

Hardness at Top of the Left Breast Implant After Unrelated Surgery

After open heart surgery I have hardness at top of left breast Implant. I had emergency open heart surgery, mitral valve replacement. I have saline... READ MORE

Hardening/swelling 1 1/2 Years After Silicone Gel Implants?

I had silicone gel implants put in above the muscle 1 1/2 years ago. Two weeks ago I noticed that the left side suddenly started feeling harder that... READ MORE

Hardened Right Breast 10 Month PO?

My right breast got real hard 10 month after breast lift and augment. I just noticed it one day to another. My PS saw me twice and keep me on... READ MORE

Hardening of Breast After Ruptured PIP Implant Removal, 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had fluid build up on both breasts shortly after surgery, right breast swelled up very large so surgeon drained 'old' blood from it. Left breast... READ MORE

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