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Why is One Breast Hard and the Other Soft?

Why is my right breast hard and its so painful? But my left breast looks and feels soft... READ MORE

Signs of Capsular Contracture?

I had submuscular silicone implants put in 1 year ago.My right breast looks and feels great, my left one seems to have start looking like it sticks... READ MORE

Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants? (photo)

Im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Breast Implants Placed Under Muscle to Still Be Firm After 5 Months

Is It Normal for Breast Implants Placed Under Muscle to Still Be Firm After 5 Months? READ MORE

Why is One Implant Firmer Than the Other? Is It Capsular Contracture?

I got submuscular silicone implants 11 months ago. My left side is soft & moves around well in the pocket, but the right side is much firmer. It... READ MORE

Two weeks post op and my scar is becoming very hard.

I am two weeks post op of a breast augmentation and I received my incision under the breast in the breast fold. I was feeling my incision today and it... READ MORE

i put silicone implants 690 cc completely under the muscle 2 years ago..

The implants are mentor.. They still feel hard, they are positioned too high and too far apart.. This may be due to my chest structure which is... READ MORE

Breast implants aren't going as I hoped they would. They are hard and look unnatural it's been 4/5 months post op. (Photo)

Every time I move my arm my implant gets as hard as a rock. I can't push my breasts together without there being a weird space gap. They get hard when... READ MORE

Why Do my Saline Implants Still Feel Hard When I Lay Down?

Why do my saline impalnts still feel rock hard when i lay down and its been ten months since i have had them done READ MORE

Breast Implants Through the Armpit. Hard Feeling on Side of the Ribs on Right Side, Should I be Concerned?

I had my BA 10 days ago. Had unders through the armpit. My left side is healing great, but my right seems to be a problem. There was a lot of bruising... READ MORE

What to Do if Breast Still Feel Hard and Won't Drop?

Hi, I've had my implants for a year now and they still feel and look fake. they are not as hard from when i first got them but still feel hard and... READ MORE

Hard Rounded Area on Right Breast After Implants

Hello, I was feeling my implants this weekend and noticed a inch in radius rounded area on my right breast that feels hard and dimply. It isn't... READ MORE

Firmness After 2 Months- Is This Capsular Contracture?

It has been 2 months since BA (saline under muscle; 250cc R/180cc L. Both have never felt very soft since day one; in fact now they are quite hard and... READ MORE

Hard Breast Implant After Replacement Surgery

I had my implants replaced after 9 years 10 days ago. One side is soft, feels fine and normal and the other is solid. Implant on the soft side moves... READ MORE

My Gummy Bear/cohesive Gel Implants Have Always Felt Hard, Why?

From day one these things have felt hard and immobile. After about a year I noticed a bubble on my left breast, not sure why or how that got there.... READ MORE

My Right Implant Suddenly Became Hard, Tender, and Swollen. Any Ideas Why?

I've had my saline (under the muscle) breast implants for 5 yrs w/out any complications, however, after playing mud volleyball yesterday I noticed my... READ MORE

My Breast Implant is Hard, and Hurts, What Does That Mean?

My Breast Implant is Hard, and Hurts, What Does That Mean? READ MORE

Breast Implants 5 Years Old - This Morning Painful and Hard?

I got my breast implants 5 years ago and everything has been fine. I woke up this morning and my left breast is aching (kind of like muscle pain) and... READ MORE

Breast and Nipple Sore - Due to 35-year-old Implants?

I have had breast implants for 35 years. I am 58 years old. I never had any kind of problem! Today, My left breast and nipple was very sore. My nipple... READ MORE

Does Capsular Contracture Make You Feel Ill?

I was told weeks ago that I need to have more breast surgery. I am starting to feel very ill, but with no pain. My implants, filled to 700 cc, are... READ MORE

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