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Is This Double Bubble Effect After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my surgery on February 7 2012. I was a 34B and got 345cc round silicone implants under the muscle. However, at the 4 month mark I started to... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post op and I think one of my pockets maybe over dissected. Any opinions or advice? Much appreciated (: (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4, 105lbs with 400cc high profile subfascia placed silicone implants. At 3 weeks I had my left breast drained (about 50cc) and it's healed... READ MORE

Small cut in side of nipple is burning. Do my boobs look messed up? Left one hanging lower. Breast lift only to right. (Photo)

Hi i am having burning to a small cut on my right breast. What should I do? Also will my breast even out more once healed? READ MORE

What is better for natural hang: under or over muscle? I don't want them to sit high and stiff on my chest.

I am not sure whether to have my implants placed over or under. I am after a large implant 600cc + and I want the implant to hang. I don't want them... READ MORE

Should I of gotten a minor lift with my implants? (photos)

I got breast implants 3 days ago. My left breast hangs lower than the right by half a centimeter. In your opinion would a scar of been worth having... READ MORE

What causes breasts to hang when on hands and knees from implants?

I've watched some porn videos where the female star would get on her hands and knees during anal sex and I noticed that from the round implants I can... READ MORE

Concerned about size. My doctor suggested 600cc, but that seems so big. Will such heavy implants hang low? (Photo)

My PS suggests 600cc hp textured silicone over the muscle I am a little scared of size but he says the width of the implant is what best fits my... READ MORE

What Can Possibly Be Wrong with my Mother's Saline Implant? One Is Hanging down With Pain.

My mother had saline implants done in 2003 & in the past 48 hours she has been experiencing pain in her left breast especially when she lays on... READ MORE

Normal for my implant to be so hard and tight at the top and my boob to hang off the bottom with over muscle implants? (Photo)

On 5/7/15 I had allergan textured 507cc silicone mod+ implants placed over the muscle. The one has seemed to drop into my right breast correctly.... READ MORE

Bubbly Skin Will Shrink on Left Lower Breast?

I had 800 cc salines went to 375 cc gels w Mastopexy. Came home with 2 drains ended up with blood clot in left breast my doctor Aspirated the the clot... READ MORE

Nipple pointing outward and other breast hangs lower. What happened? (Photo)

5 years ago I had a breast augmentation with saline unders and different cc to try and even out - my right was almost a cup size smaller than the left... READ MORE

I had breast implants done 2 years ago and one hangs lower than the other (Photo)

See picture below what happened and what needs to bE doNE to correct it very unhappy with how it looks. READ MORE

breast augmentation 8 years later hanging lower and very unproportional

I had breast augmentation eight and a half years ago my left side in the past two weeks is hanging lower and does not feel like I have an implant in... READ MORE

I did breast implant above the muscle; my breast dropped too low after 2 months. What shall I do? (Photos)

Now it look flat and hanging, my nipples are looking down. I am afraid to take off my bra because I'm afraid it my drop even lower?! My doctor says... READ MORE

My implants are too high and nipples hangs below the implants. What do I have to do?

Dear doctors, It's day 1 after my breastoperation. The meaning of the operation wad to lift the breastd. They filled in with 345 cc round implants .... READ MORE

One breast seems to be hanging 7 days after breast surgery. Is that normal?

The stighes under the breast after breast surgery 300cc Seemes difrent. One breast i hanging the other one seems normal, is that ok? READ MORE

Awful surgery in Germany! Please advise! Allergan TSM 405 cc- Medium Proj. Sub-Musc

Hi... I'm 36 y, 159 cm tall and 60 KG. Had 2 Pregnancy & Br.feeding. See first 3 pics. In Germany my dream of nice breast was distroyed :(. He used... READ MORE

How do you know if a silicone implant is ruptured?

There is an awful ripping or tearing sensation in the area around my nipple in my breast. If I move a certain way or reach for something or push... READ MORE

Did my right implant flip? (Photos)

I woke up this morning mortifying my right breast left, looked, and hangs different. very worried because my surgeon is in Thailand. I got my... READ MORE

Gone from ​​160 to 135lbs, still losing weight. Right breast hasn't changed but left is smaller. ​How can I fix it?

My right hangs more now cause my skin all over my body it going through a stretch. How can I fix and keep them look completely natural want to... READ MORE

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