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Will a Piece of Gauze Embedded into the Incision Be Automatically Expelled by the Body? (photo)

Three weeks after my mastopexy surgery with implants my left breast vertical incision opened at the bottom. A light red liquid continued to ooze out... READ MORE

4 weeks out, concerned with healing. My right is bigger than the other and my PS doesn't seem concerned. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery ,and a lift with 570 saline in the right , and 500 in the left. The right doesn't seem to be healing and my ps does... READ MORE

Inframammary incision opening. Should I put my steri strips back on? Cover with gauze? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op from a sub pectoral breast augmentation 400 cc saline inframammary incision. I have always noticed a bit of small drainage under... READ MORE

Is a little bit of blood leakage normal 2 days after surgery to remova hematoma?

Yesterday I noticed a very small spot of bood on my gauze and a few more next to it. Is this normal after having my dr remove the hematoma, wash out... READ MORE

Worried about a hematoma? Should I wait, get a 2nd opinion, or proceed with 3 more surgery? (Photo)

I woke up with terrible swelling and high left breast. This breast has had the worst bruising which has improved. My surgeon asked me to keep... READ MORE

Holes under my boob. What can I do? (Photo)

Surgery to create a crease under my left breast. I realize I had yellow/brow mucus coming out.I started to get pain and small bleeding. I lifted and... READ MORE

Do my breasts look like they're healing appropriately 5 days post-op? (Photo)

I had surgery on 3/9. I'm 5 days post-op. My nipples look puckered and appear to be darkening around the incisions. There's not a significant amount... READ MORE

Open Wound 17 Days after implant and lift surgery. Should I be concerned? (Photos)

Hello, I just had my two week check up three days ago. The tape was removed and I was told everything looked great except for some minor "oozing" . I... READ MORE

Guaze or tegaderm on incision area?

Had 17yr old saline impants, under muscle removed 5 days ago. They covered insision with tegaderm. Tegaderm came off and smelled so I took them all... READ MORE

Incision opened 12 days post op; is this healing properly? (Photos)

Was Instucted to do dressing changes 2x daily with sterile gauze and neosporin. Is this healing properly- the incision seems to be widening even more.... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation yesterday, April 20th, and I'm worried something may have gone wrong.

The doctor called to check up on me when I woke up from anesthesia and called a few hours after my surgery, then today a nurse called to see how I was... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op with drainage after hematoma surgery, will my implant be okay? (Photos)

Breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago and after 1 week I developed a hematoma in RT breast,it swelled large and very painful.Went in for surgery to... READ MORE

Surgery on April 27. Will I have to have it removed? Is it wrong to put peroxide on them before putting new gauze on? (Photo)

I had 750cc silicone implants on April 27th and the beginning had very little drainage. Over the last two weeks drainage has fluctuated from very... READ MORE

Is it like bruising maybe some blood coming out of the side of the gauze? Is that normal? Did I open the incision? (photos)

I am 5 days post op. Breast implants under the muscle crease incision.. i was pretty active today just went shopping and did alot of laughing........ READ MORE

Bleeding after breast implants? I'm 2 weeks post op. 425 silicone. (photos)

I had silicon 425cc both sides, under the muscle 2 weeks ago. I have some numbness on both. My left side was always more sore and larger than right... READ MORE

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