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Is This Lateral Displacement? If So, Early Enough to Stop It from Getting Worse? (photo)

2 months post op. 425cc saline under the muscle, mod plus. I have a large gap in cleavage when I lay down. Thin skin, little breast tissue to start,... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op. (Photo)

325cc Silimed high profile sub pectoral. Shall time be the healer or was I just genetically designed with this gap between my breasts?Are they... READ MORE

Getting Good Cleavage Without "Uni-boob" Look

I'm 24 years old and I had breast implants last year, from 32A to a 32D with 310 cc high profile, 11cm wide, 5.4 projection breast implants. Although... READ MORE

Am I ok for 6 months post op? Left seems tighter, are they too far apart, are they low enough to be healed? (Photo)

In Late March I got 450cc, HP, saline, unders. I have been massaging and wearing underwire bras but I think my gap maybe too big. Is this because of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Implants That Are Not Widely Spaced?

I want implants that are not widely spaced. How? I am tall 5'9'' with a large rib cage. I wear a 36' bra. I don't care about... READ MORE

Possible displacement? (Photo)

I am 8 weeks post op, 400cc HP silicone. few weeks after I started to notice a crease under my right breast that was most noticeable on inner cleavage... READ MORE

How can i get my boobs closer together 3 days post-op? (photos)

3 days post operation I am wearing a medical bra 24/7. Is there anything else I can do (ie: bind them or a wear a specialized bra) to have them... READ MORE

How large of a gap between my breasts is normal when i weight lift? (photos)

Ive had my implants for 2 & a 1/2 years. My breasts fall in a natural place, i wouldnt change a thing. Except for when i'm at the gym. When i do any... READ MORE

Breast Don't Have Nice Shape Also Too Far Apart? (photo)

I had my breast enlargement in September, few months after I had to have revision due to the right breast bottoming out. I am still not happy with my... READ MORE

Splitting Stitches and Breasts Have a Gap: Am I Bottoming Out? (photo)

I feel like they are gapped and the left breast is bottoming out! Am I right? I'm spitting stitches like crazy too.. Hate that I still have stretch... READ MORE

Is flex deformity, and gap exposing my sternum/ribs normal? I'm not believing it is. It's painful and needs to be fixed (Photo)

I am 8wks post augmentation today. I am a fitness instructor. I noticed days after BA that my right breast flexed very easily, and in an odd manner.... READ MORE

Could This Be a Double Bubble? (photo)

I just got my breast augmentation on Oct 9th. I just noticed some swelling in the gap of my breast and under my left breast and only slightly under my... READ MORE

Left breast hasn't felt right since BA and implant moves around. Is it positioned incorrectly? Why is my gap so huge? (Photo)

6 months post-op. I asked for a full but natural look. 325cc R and 350cc L round textured implants dual plane. I questioned my surgeon about the gap... READ MORE

Implants look like basketballs, no slope, dents or lines through them, and are falling into armpit! 11 days post op. (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4 105lbs and I started with a 32b or 34a. I went in told my doctor I want 350cc-400cc under muscle moderate plus profile. He sold me on this... READ MORE

Gap between breasts tuberous breasts. Will a moderate profile implant help close the space between my breasts? (Photo)

What should can I do about the gap between my breasts? I'm pretty sure I have tuberous breasts so I wanted a benelli lift with an implant but I don't... READ MORE

Am I bottoming out? Are my implants positioned wrong as the go to the sides when I lift my arms? (photos)

Are my implants positioned wrong as I have a lot of side boob and a large gap? The 2nd picture I gently squeezed under nipple and the whole implant... READ MORE

My Dr is Having Me Lay on Silicone Implants 2wice a Day for 30mins and Wear No Support?

I am 21 and have had a child so I wanted them to be full again because Im a model. He placed them only a small amount under the muscle tho I wanted it... READ MORE

Tall with large frame. Need help debating on a size that's right for me. (Photo)

I am 5'11" 170lbs with wide hips. I am 26 with 3 kids, I breastfed them all. I am thinking about going with a 600-700cc silicone. Wondering if that... READ MORE

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