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Breast Implant Options for Saggy Breasts Without Breast Lift?

Hello, I'm considering Breast Implants without doing a Breast Lift. And wanted to know the alternatives/options for women with saggy breast that wish... READ MORE

Naturally Looking Full C Cup with 400cc Silicone Breast Implants?

I am 5'5, 105 lbs, with 32A breasts and wanting a full C cup. I will be having 400CC silicone breast implants, Modplus. Would this give me natural look? READ MORE

Will 425cc Breast Implants Give Full C Cup?

I am 5'6.5", 34 A-B, breast diameter of 14 and I weigh 140 lbs, fat mostly concentrated on my butt and thighs. I was wondering if 425 cc breast... READ MORE

Cohesive Round or Cohesive Teardrop Breast Implants?

I am aiming to obtain full nice round breasts with fullness in the upper poles but not that extreme that they will look not natural. I also would like... READ MORE

How Much Do Full B Cup Breast Implants Cost?

I am considering having breast implants. READ MORE

High Profile 550cc Breast Implants for Athletic Build?

I initially wanted the natural look but now want the fake look. I presently have 350cc silicone mod plus breast implants with a lollipop breast lift... READ MORE

Full, Round Breast Implants for a Petite Woman?

I just turned 18 and I want to get breast implants. I am a size 32 A and 5 feet tall. I am very petite and do not have a lot of breast tissue. What is... READ MORE

Moderate or Moderate Profile Plus Breast Implants?

My wife is having breast augmentation in December. She's torn about implant size; either 175cc Mentor Silicone Moderate profiles or 200-225cc Moderate... READ MORE

Can Silicone Breast Implants Correct Mild Ptosis?

Ihad one child and breast fed. My breasts seem to have mild ptosis. My nipples still point outward/upward and are above the inframammary fold--just... READ MORE

Breast Implants Size for 12cm BWD?

Hi, first, thanks to the doctors here who take time to answer questions. I'm considering breast augmentation and still doing my research. I'm... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend to Gain Fullness in my Breasts?

Currently I am a sagging, deflated 36B. I am not after large breasts but more fullness and perk. Will implants alone help me? A breast lift scares me... READ MORE

Achieving Upper Pole Fullness Possible with Smaller Breast Implants?

I was told that in order to achieve upper pole fullness restoration I'd have to get breast implants with my breast lift. It was suggested that I get a... READ MORE

Is Circumareolar Lift Necessary with Breast Implants to Increase Fullness?

I am having a hard time deciding if I need to have a circumareolar lift with Breast implants or the implants alone to increase the fullness of my... READ MORE

Can I change my breast implant size day of surgery?

My surgery is on June 19th. I've already had all my consultations and I'm having saline put on. I'm 5'7, 130 pounds in good shape. I have a small,... READ MORE

Natural Breast Implant Results for Breasts Lacking Fullness?

I'm considering surgery. My bra size now is 32D, but my breast lack fullness. Not a lot of droop. I have 2 kids also recently lost 35lbs. With a... READ MORE

Will 375-400 silicone under the muscle be too much for me? (photos)

I am 48 yrs oldI, 5'7"" and 130lbs. I am currently approx a 34-38B. I know you cannot pick cup size but if you could I'd like a small-med D size.... READ MORE

What size should I go for if I want full looking breasts? I'm 5'0", 98 lbs. Should I go for high profile or mod plus? (Photo)

Hi I am 5'0, 98 lbs . Stats : 32 A -23-34 . What size should I go for if I want a full looking breast , not too small, not too big . I don't want to... READ MORE

Should I Go for 500HP Silicone Unders?

I am 5'3", 105 lbs. I began as a 32A and am currently 32c with 325 MP saline filled to 375. I find the size too small (I have little... READ MORE

I Am Currently a 36DD or DDD Depending on the Bra.I Want a Breast Lift. Can I Achieve a Full Perky Look W/o Implants? (photo)

I also wanted to reduce the size of my areolas since I have big ones and I have no symmetry. I don't want a big visible scar due to the fact that I... READ MORE

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