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So Can Use the Cream or Pill for Firm Breast?

I do plan to have two more kids in three years but in the mean time I want my breast to look perky and firm at my age ; 27. READ MORE

Would I Need a (Small) Implant with a Full Lift, or Can a Lift Alone Achieve Desirable Shape at Same Size? (photo)

I’m 33, 34D/36C. I’m not looking for a perfect look, just a firmer C or D look. I would rather not have possible complications of an implant: rip... READ MORE

Bad Implants or Capsular Contracture?

I had my breasts done in 03. I noticed my breast is higher and firmer so I saw a doctor, he said this was due to a capsular contracture. Unfortunately... READ MORE

More Extensive Lift on One Breast Causing Uneven Healing?

I had breast lift and implants 3 weeks ago. My right breast was bigger before surgery, but surgeon said he would rectify that with the lift and put... READ MORE

Dr is suggesting 385cc textured round implant. Is textured round silicone Sientra more firm than the smooth silicone Sientra?

Asking on behalf of wife as she is not one to ask questions being timid. Patient 42, 5' 3 113 lbs, 2 children, very active with weights and running.... READ MORE

Is Beneli an Option?

I had 300 saline Mods put in. I was a deflated B. During pregnancy I was a D. My Dr. suggested slightly larger implants, but I didnt want to be too... READ MORE

9.5 year old saline implants. How do I know when to see a plastic surgeon for Capsular Contracture? (photos)

I had 350 cc saline implants placed under the muscle 9.5 years ago. They have been more tender(major nipple sensitivity), firmer in some spots and... READ MORE

I have breast implant pain from encapsulation. Is this normal?

I got breast implants (Memes) 27 years ago. In recent years I have developed more encapsulation resulting in extreme firmness & causing a... READ MORE

Will an implant replaced my lost fullness and not increase my sag? (photos)

Im 23, breastfed two kids back to back and have lost two cups sizes and im deflated. I used to have firm and full breast, yet now they dont look... READ MORE

Should I Worry? 1 Week Post Op and Left Breast Has Been Most Painful in General?

Its firmer, and much more painful (right is sore but minimal discomfort). The left breast is always shaped differntly and I noted a squishy lump about... READ MORE

Should I Consider Removing my Sub Muscular Implants of Two Years and Have Them Replaced over the Muscle?

My sub muscular implants were done in 2011 and they have not dropped and the right implant is extremely firm and higher than the left. The actual... READ MORE

27 yr old Silicone Implants. Do I need to be concerned with them? Never have had problems until now.

Sorry photos aren't that good, phone cud not install them on here. I am a 60 yr old, 5'4, 127 lbs. Last 3 yrs have noticed a gradual change. They are... READ MORE

Can I get a good result from breast implants alone? (photos)

After 4 pregnancies i have lost firmness and fullness. I would really like my breasts to be bigger, firmer and rounder but do not want a breast lift.... READ MORE

Dented boobs! Will a firmer or bigger implant help?

Please help me. I have had 375cc unders 4 months ago, n past few weeks I have notice lots of indentations on my breast they feel n look awful, I... READ MORE

What's wrong with my breast implants? (photos)

I had my BA in June 2014, 330 cc in each saline its been 7 months, and my left boob is more firm and round, my right one is more soft and feels lowers... READ MORE

Brest reduction + implant, after BR surgery years ago? Wanna ditch the bra sometimes! (Photo)

I am losing weight. I previously had reduction surgery which are now saggy and some side boob. I don't want to go bigger as I am a full C now, but I... READ MORE

Why exactly are breasts firm post op and what exactly will contribute to them getting softer overtime? (Photo)

I'm 5 days post op 360cc dual plane and wondering... So I get that my chest muscle might keep the breast tight at the top but my breast is also firm... READ MORE

36 with 2 children: Always had big boobs which I love (40DD).

I was considering implants just to firm them up and make them sit where they should will it work to support them please READ MORE

I have firmer breast after nursing. Is the changes are related to nursing or maybe cc?

I had implants put in under the muscle in 2008. They have always been fairly soft and squishy until I got pregnant and started to breast feed my now 4... READ MORE

Will they even out? (photos)

My implants were identical, then 1 day the left was soft and natural. The other looks bigger and Is still a bit firm. I don't think capsular... READ MORE

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