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How Much Will Swelling Reduce After Breast Implants? (photo)

I had 400cc saline implants put in over the muscle 3 days ago. I am 5'10" and about 140lbs. I was big breasted beofre but lost a lot of volume after... READ MORE

When Are my Breast Implants Going to Drop and Even Up?

Before 34a and even. Now 34d and I know one breast will drop before the other usually. had them done 1/27/12. My right breast is higher and my nipple... READ MORE

I Feel Too Big After My Implants. Is There Any Way I Will Go Down to a Small C cup? (photo)

I am 26 years old, no children. 5'7" 120lbs BWD 12, started out with 34 small B. I told my surgeon I wanted to be a small C-I wasn't concerned with... READ MORE

Will My Breasts Look Like These After Photos After 375cc Silicone Implants? (photo)

Surgery in two weeks.Starting to get nervous.Even though I went over everything at the consult,I can't help but be worried about how it is going... READ MORE

I Was a 32A Before Breast Aug, and Recieved 330cc and when I Went to Get Sized, Theyre Saying I Am a 32D is This Possible?

Hello, im 5'0 92 lbs, and had my breast augmentation done almost 5 weeks ago, I did 330cc, and initially after surgery I thought they almost didnt... READ MORE

Is There A Chance My Breast Implant Could Still Drop Even After 9 Months? They're Still Not Even.

Surgery 1-27-11, Silicone Gel Submuscular 450cc.Singular for 2.25 mos for firm right breast - breast are equally soft now. Vit E @1000mg taken daily... READ MORE

Will Breasts Get Smaller Once the Implant Settles? (photo)

I had my breast lift and breast implants on april 6 2012 I started with a small B cup and had large areolas, I really wanted to be a small to an... READ MORE

I'm Unhappy With My Breast Size After Surgery. Will They Continue To Grow?

I had a breast lift with augmentation and ended up with a 36c, and I'm almost 1 month post op and unhappy. will i get bigger with the 400cc i... READ MORE

Will Implants Appear Larger As They Heal?

I was a C cup and had 700 cc's high profile round saline 3 weeks ago n they don't look much bigger will they get fuller n big? I was about a 36 c cup... READ MORE

Will I Have Squishy Breast? My Friend Said No Implants Feel This Way? (photo)

Ok so I have kind of squishy breast(big A/ tiny B) 300ccs or lower( think it said 275 or 285 moderate plus on the paper) I would like to be a... READ MORE

How Does Implant Size Change After Swelling Goes Down? (photo)

From reviews is it true that after swelling, under muscle implants (i have saline 420 cc's) size stays pretty much the same or may increase once... READ MORE

What Should I Expect After my Breast Settling? I Expect Great Results! (photo)

I'm a 50 yr.old, 5"4' 115lbs. I had BA a week ago. After thinking about it for a long time! I was a 36AA pre op and I was aiming for a 36C. My dr.... READ MORE

Hello, Is It Possible to Gain More Projection over the Next Few Months After the Muscle Has Relaxed More?

I am 5 foot 7 inches, 135 lbs. Breast augmentation 4 1/2 weeks ago. 375cc and 360cc under the muscle, mentor textured anatomical cohesive gel,... READ MORE

Can Implants Alone Give a Good Result for Sagging (Ptosis) Breasts? (photo)

I have been told by two different things by two surgeons, one that implants size 375 overs can give a good result and two that only a lift or large... READ MORE

Not Too Happy with my Implant Size

I am 5'5'' and weigh 120 lbs. I had 304 cc silicone unders 4 months ago. I had lost fullness after my pregnancies and losing weight so I... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look More Natural over Time? (photo)

I am currently 8 weeks post op with 350 cc under muscle, silicone. I am wondering if they will 'drop and fluff' anymore? Thank You for your... READ MORE

Will my Breast Look Bigger After the Implants Drop?

I'm over a month post op with silicone gel under the muscle with 425cc in left breast and 450cc in right one. My left implant has dropped nicely... READ MORE

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