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What Do Breast Implants Feel Real?

Do breast implants feel real? Do they feel hard? READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Ever Feel Completely Natural?

Can breast implants ever feel like natural breasts or do they always feel fake? Is there a special implant you can get that feels quite natural? Can... READ MORE

How Long Before Memory Gel Implants Feel Natural?

It's been three weeks since my memory gel implant. Is it normal for my breasts to still feel firm and tighten when cold? It feels really hard when I... READ MORE

Can You Feel Breast Implants While Feeling Your Breast?

I was told by someone that during intimacy if someone was feeling the breast, they would be able to feel the breast implant shell while feeling under... READ MORE

Do Gummy Bear Implants Feel Harder?

Do Gummy Bear breast implants feel harder than the current Memory Gel Implants? READ MORE

When I Touch my Scars Why Does It Feel Like There is Something Tough Under my Skin Just Around Scarline? (photo)

Hi, I've had my surgery 2,5 months ago. It is 225cc both and under the muscle. I have problems with my scars. My scars are below my breast. Everthing... READ MORE

Can You Feel the Saline Port on the Breast Implant?

Can You Feel the Saline Port on the Breast Implant? READ MORE

Does the Allergan Natrelle 410 SILICONE implant feel as "natural" as a regular silicone non shaped implant?

I want to go with this type of implant, but it is difficult to image how it would feel after the procedure, as far as texture and movement, especially... READ MORE

Right Implant Feels Different 1 Year Post Op B to D Cup? Saline, High Profile. (photo)

My implants took me from a B to a D cup. I have a small frame (5'3" 105lbs). I was happy with them until about a year ago when I noticed my right... READ MORE

The Scar Tissue Pocket Around my Implant Has Ruptured. How Can This Be Repaired?

I had implants inserted 1 year ago and have had no issues what so ever. I woke up with pain in my right breast and realized that something was wrong.... READ MORE

What Does It Mean if One of Your Breast is Hard and the Other is Soft?

My mom had transplants a year ago and her right breast is hard and the left one is soft. She also said her right arm feels different almost weak... READ MORE

Can Pregnancy Make Silicon Implants Feel and Look More Natural?

I got silicon breast implants about 3 years ago. One month ago, for medical reasons, I terminated a pregnancy at 12 weeks. My breasts obviously grew... READ MORE

I'm 3 Months Post Op & my Right Breast Implant Feels Foreign. Is That Normal? (photo)

R side feels foreign. I got 400cc saline on L & 425cc on R. Satisfied on how they look, but It doesn't "feel" normal. Especially when it's cold,... READ MORE

Partial Submuscular, Total Submuscular, or Subfacial Position - Which is Better?

Which would you prefer, for a 500cc silicon implant? i'm worried about how real they'll feel? will subfascial still give me the benefit of under the... READ MORE

Will Saline Feel the Same As Silicone with the Amount of Breast Tissue I Have?

My dr. Says that saline is so much safer than silicone and that she would never put it in her body. My question is about the feel.....will you be able... READ MORE

Issue with New Implant - Why Can I See and Feel It at Bottom of Breast? (photo)

I am 3 wks PO w/350 cc silicon mod/plus sub/muscular. They were low & soft 3 days after surgery. Minimal to no swelling. The implants are low... READ MORE

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