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Fat Grafting with Stem Cells vs. Breast Implants

After much research into both silicone/saline implants,I just wasn't comfortable with the complication rate of either,namely within five years of... READ MORE

FAT Transfer OR Breast Implants That FEEL Like the Real Thing???

Ok,i think i've given up on my hope and quest to enlarge my breasts by fat grafting (unless any of you know a board certified plastic surgeon who can... READ MORE

Can I Use Fat Injections or Fillers Like Juviderm to Plump Up the Ripples in my Breast Implant? (photo)

I have ripples near my breast bone due to a very thin skin and several surgeries to correct contracture. The implants are great except for the... READ MORE

Should I get breast implants or fat transfer? Or just leave them alone? I am unsure because of my Breast shape? (Photos)

I still have not decided what I want to with my breasts. Implants? A fat transfer? Here are my fears : 1. I've never been under anesthesia 2. I'm... READ MORE

Is fat grafting ideal for improving rippling in silicone implants?

I am 5'8 and 137 pounds, with a muscular build. I have had two breast augmentations (silicone) and suffered from rippling each time. This time it is... READ MORE

Is fat grafting a good idea to help with rippling after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I have mild rippling on my left breast cleavage area even after seri. If a surgeon is against fat grafting is it usually due to lack of skill? Or is... READ MORE

What are alternatives for Breast Implants?

Dr I have been going crazy with all this research on implants and I desperately want mine removed.However im imly 25 and my husband already has warned... READ MORE

Can I still breastfeed when I have a baby if I get breast implants or fat transfer to the breasts?

Can I still breastfeed when I have a baby if I get Breast Implants or Fat Transfer to the breasts? READ MORE

Can BA help me with asymmetry? What kind of implant and size would be the best? Do I need a lift? Had 2 fat transfers (Photo)

I had 2 fat transfers into breast (doctor refused to give me implants, he told me I need to loose weight and that I will not get the result I want). I... READ MORE

Saline breast augmentation with fat grafting?

So I've decided that when I get my augmentation I want to use saline implants because I believe that they are safer. However I'm worried about feeling... READ MORE

Can you replace silicone breast implants (one ruptured but fully encapsulated) with stem cell fat transfer? Complications?

I am 46, silicone implants (26 yrs ago) encapsulated very quickly -assumed implants were hard as tennis balls. MRI 4 yrs ago showed 1 ruptured but... READ MORE

Can I get silicone implants if I have fat necrosis in my breasts? If so, what would be the safest placement for them?

2-21-16 a year ago I made the decision to have a fat transfer to my breasts. My doctor convinced me it was a safe/natural alternative to implants. I... READ MORE

Breast implants after a lift and fat transfer?

I already had a lift and I got the fat transfer because I did not want huge breasts that implants normally provide. But I am now wanting more full... READ MORE

Can I transfer fat to my breast after breast implants?

I got 275cc and im not happy with the size can i use fat grafting to increase the size? READ MORE

7 weeks after my surgery and I still have a dent in my right breast. Is fat grafting permanent? I want them redone. (photo)

Got a breast implant and tummy tuck. They put a thick wrap around my stomach but nothing on breast. The wrap around my stomach was so big it was... READ MORE

Are they too big for my frame? Should I have gone with shaped gummy bear implants?

I had silicone round implants, 285cc in right breast and 325cc and fat grafting in left breast. I am 5' 10' and weigh 145 pounds. I had 2 doctors... READ MORE

Fat transfer and areola lift or silicone implants and areola lift? (Photo)

I am planning my Ftt with lipo and want to improve the appearance of my breasts at the same time. My board certified PS has suggested 2 options, fat... READ MORE

Fat grafting or Breast Implants! Decisions!

I'm 5'6 about 30% body fat right now. Around 180 or so. My "band" width is at 36in basically an A cup pushing to a B cup in fullness so to speak. I'm... READ MORE

Can you get Breast Implants and a Fat Transfer to the breast?

Hi, I'm petite on top and my breasts sit far apart because of that and some sagging. Im aware that silicone implants placed submuscular will likely be... READ MORE

Tuberous breast question: If I decide to get fat grafting instead of an implant, would this possibly help produce more milk?

Hi there. I'm 18 and thinking about getting surgery to correct my tuberous (hypoplastic) breasts. I've read that there will be little to no milk... READ MORE

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