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FAT Transfer OR Breast Implants That FEEL Like the Real Thing???

Ok,i think i've given up on my hope and quest to enlarge my breasts by fat grafting (unless any of you know a board certified plastic surgeon who can... READ MORE

Can Asymmetric Breasts Be Fixed Without Breast Implants?

I have asymmetric breasts and I was wondering what could be done about them. I know usually an Breast implant is used in the smaller breast but is... READ MORE

Silicone Implants: How Do They Read on a Body Composition Scale?

Hi, I just purchased a scale that measures fat, visceral fat, muscle, and water (as well as total weight). Since I have silicone breast implants,... READ MORE

What Types of Breast Implants Use Body Fat, Instead of Silicone?

Is it true that this type of surgery is safer for people with allergies to synthetic materials? READ MORE

Can implants make armpit fat less noticeable? Also, can the placement of the implant change the look of the arm crease? (photo)

My biggest concern about having a breast augmentation is the fat or breast tissue I have next to my armpit. I know it will never be smooth unless... READ MORE

How to Lose Extra Breast Fat when You Have Breast Implants?

Im 28, I have 550cc saline mentor implants, under the muscle. I want to lose some of my natural breast fat. TRUST ME IM ADDICTED TO CARDIO, and ALSO... READ MORE

Is it possible to combine breast implants with fat transfer?

Hello, I will be undergoing breast augmentation in October and after doing some research, I have grown curious about something that is never really... READ MORE

What kind of breast surgery would be best for me? 22, no kids, on the heavier side (Photo)

My breasts are too small for my body and they sag and are all around unpleasant to look at. My cleave disgusts me, and there is so much clothes I... READ MORE

My Dr. wants to do a fat transfer w/ breast implant to increase size of 1 breast?Is it worth it, do I need it, pros/cons?(photo)

I will be getting my BA done this month with natrelle 410 anatomical 470cc done. I am 31 years old 5'10 aprox 140-145 lbs. 3 kids. My left breast is... READ MORE

Breast solution? Can I get implants without a lift? (Photos)

Im 34 yrs with 3 kids and breastfeed for 2 yrs one of them, just wondering what would be the best solution to get a nice firm and bigger breast. I'm... READ MORE

What are my options for improving the shape (and size) of my breasts? (photo)

My breasts are not round, the distance from my nipple to the bottom of my breast is short and they are SO far apart (what I hate most) it makes my... READ MORE

Will implants make me look fat?

I am 5'4 150 lbs, I am pear shaped and currently wear a 34A. I am having implants this summer. I'm worried implants will make me look fat. Any size... READ MORE

Will fat on sides of rib bone area disappear after BA? (Photo)

Im going to do BA HP 400cc. i have some fat on my rib bone area under arms. will this fat help my breast look more natural? or will this fat dissapear... READ MORE

Should I get silicone breast implants or fat transfer surgery? I would like a natural look and feel. Which is the best option?

I am a healthy, 5'2, 42 year old woman. I would like to increase my breast size from A to B or C. I am aiming for a natural look and feel, so am... READ MORE

Is breast implants with fat transfer best option? (photos)

I have dramatically gained and lost weight leaving my breast sagging and lacking volume. I have been advised to have a uplift in England however a... READ MORE

Which type of implants would suit my body frame? (Photos)

I'm 5'1 fluctuate from 125-130lbs had gastric bypass lost lots of weight and I am getting a breast lift with implants in may... I seem to be pretty... READ MORE

Please advice, I am planning to have a new implant after 5 yrs. Any suggestions ?

I need your advice if I am doing the right thing after 5 yrs of breast implant removed , I tried fat transfer to my breast but after 2 months it went... READ MORE

Fat transfer or implant, anatomical or round? (Photos)

Hello I'm 27 years old I thing gravity and excess of excersice killed my boobs, so I want to make them look pretty again, I wanted to transfer some... READ MORE

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