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How Will I Know if My Breast Implant Has Ruptured?

I was out running and fell on my breasts. How will I know if they are ruptured. I have silicone implants which were done 13 years ago. READ MORE

Can Saline Implant Burst from Falling Heavily?

I had a bad fall recently and my saline implant ruptured about the same time. can a saline implant burst from falling heavily? READ MORE

Burning Pain in Breast After Trip and Fall on Concrete Sidewalk, How Bad Could This Be?

I am almost 6 weeks post revision breast surgery and fell on knees and hands. No sign of change in breast, just some burning sensations in pectoral... READ MORE

Implants look like basketballs, no slope, dents or lines through them, and are falling into armpit! 11 days post op. (Photo)

Hi I am 5'4 105lbs and I started with a 32b or 34a. I went in told my doctor I want 350cc-400cc under muscle moderate plus profile. He sold me on this... READ MORE

Can a Forceful Fall Rupture a Under the Muscle Breast Implant?

I fell pretty forcefully on top on of my fisted hand over my right breast which has a silicone implant. I have had some pretty bad pain and discomfort... READ MORE

Did I Injure my Breast Implants Months After Surgery?

I had breast implants put in 5 months ago and just recently felt comfortable enough to go back to martial arts. Well I took a big fall about a week... READ MORE

Why does my right breast fall to the side when I lay down? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post op and when I lay down my right breast falls to the side more than my left breast. Pre Op my right breast was bigger than my left so... READ MORE

Are my implants falling and dropping like they should be? (photos)

I am 11 days post op today and wanted to get an opinion if my boobs are settling properly after my breast augmentation. I would also like to know if... READ MORE

Implants too low and falling to the side. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I am 7 months post op. I have lost all my upper pole fullness. The last 2 days I have had a sharp pain in bottom of right breast. Can this be fixed. I... READ MORE

Is it truly necessary to wear a bra directly after a Breast Augmentation?

I had a b.a. 5 yrs ago. I'm a size D, 120pnds, 5'7, was a size A cup prior to augmentation. Within the last 10 mnths+ I've noticed my left implants... READ MORE

Are my breasts too low and saggy? (Photos)

Hey there, I've had a breast augmentation 1 and a half years ago but I feel my breast are falling. I'm kind of worried my muscle can't hold the weight... READ MORE

Fall after breast aug: Help (Photo)

This morning is Day 6 post OP. Last night I fell down my stairs, only the last couple steps and hit my right side pretty hard. I iced my breasts when... READ MORE

How long after surgery can you tell if your breast implant has fallen below your tissue? How soon can it be corrected? (Photo)

17 days post op and since day 7 I noticed my left crease was an inch lower than my right. I had a lot of swelling but it felt like the implant had... READ MORE

What is wrong with my breast when I lie down? The right falls to the side and there's a shadow? (Photos)

Four months post op. 450 under the muscle. My ps told me 3 weeks ago that I hurt my pectoral muscle while having sex. Now when I lie down they look... READ MORE

Can sleeping on your side cause implants to fall?

I am 5 weeks post op. I was told by my ps at 2 weeks post op that I can sleep on my side if its comfortable for me. Can sleeping on your side cause... READ MORE

How can I determine if my PS can fix my implants from falling to the sides when lying down?

I would like to know if my PS is experienced in capsulloraphy or wold replacing with a larger implant help. READ MORE

I have a problem where the implant has "fallen" down below the pectoral and basically "out of the pocket." two lumps. fixable?

My natural breast tissue is like another breast and the implant is down below causing a "double bubble." I have considered having fat injected around... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend if only my left implant falls into my armpit? Surgery date: 6/30/14 problem since day 1

Since the surgery I complained that there was severe pain in my left armpit to breast area. I hate to the name of my Dr. So I won't but I will tell u... READ MORE

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