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Would Breast Augumentation the Second Time Around Be More Painful?

If you have had augumentation in the past and had them out. Would having the surgery again to put them back in be as painful. Even if it is done under... READ MORE

If You Get Breast Implants Removed, is a Lift Going to Be Enough?

...or would i need to get smaller implants? I was going to just have a breast lift but instead had breast implants put in also about 5 years ago,... READ MORE

Regarding Breast Implant Removal. What is the Best Time Frame for Explantation?

I am only a week post-op but fear I made a huge mistake. What is the best time frame for removal for the least amount of trauma to the breast (sooner... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Skin and Tissue to Shrink After Explantation?

I've only had the implants for a month. I had my implants explanted because of an infection and blood clot. READ MORE

Will my Breast Tissues Be Over-stretched by the Time I Downsize?

My breast implants are way to large for me. I currently have 400cc high profile implants, and I want to downsize to 250cc moderate. My doctor won't... READ MORE

Should I Remove my Implants?

I had saline implants done 2/07. Surgery went well. In 1/08, I started having strange physical symptoms...jolting awake with electric shock every 20... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants Cause Breast Tissue to Deteriorate?

Currently 34C. Don't smoke, exercise, and eat right. If I have saline implants (placed submuscular) removed after 10 years without replacement,... READ MORE

Infected Implant/ Incision Reopening/ Healing Problem, is Body Rejecting? (photo)

So 2nd restitching FAILED had an opening right after sutures removal PS said implants has to go wait for few month to heal and put it back in.... READ MORE

When does the capsule form around breast implants?

I had breast augmentation a couple weeks ago. I decided breast implants are not for me and would like them removed soon. I understand the procedure... READ MORE

Breast and Scar Appearance After Explantation?

I am recently after a breast augmentation with 475cc implants. I am 1.5 weeks after operation, and had it done in Hungary. I was a small B before.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Size to Use After Explantation?

I only had breast implants for 5 weeks. I had them explanted after this time. The implants were 400 cc. A thin capsule was left inside. I am... READ MORE

Explant 3 Months After Implant?

I paid $6K to find out that I don't like breasts. I had 450cc silocone Mentor unders placed in May. I dont want a lifetime of headaches w silicone and... READ MORE

What if I don't have explantation for capsular contracture? (Photo)

I have 25 year old silicone implants, in front of muscle. No problems at all until two and a half years ago, when I got an infection (don't know how... READ MORE

What can I do about dents after explant surgery?

I had 23 year old silicone implants (placed over the muscle) removed en bloc four years ago via inframammary fold incision. It feels like I have... READ MORE

1 week post op of Breast Implants, how soon can I get a breast explant?

I am 39 y/o and have 400cc saline implants sub pec, post op 1 week. I had major reservations before surgery and now regret the implants. I don't want... READ MORE

Is There a Lab Test That Could Be Done After Explantation of Leaking Silicone Implants to Prove It Before Sending to Mentor?

Apparently my Mentor silicone gel implants have been leaking for five years. Neither the imaging facility or the doctor told me until after this... READ MORE

Considering New Implants After Explantation 14 Months Ago.

I had submuscular in for 6 months, but they were too big and uncomfortable. I had explant w/o replacements over a year ago.I am considering new... READ MORE

My left breast is having multiple complications. Can this be fixed or should I have my implants explanted? (photos)

20 years ago I had implants under muscle- saline. 2006 I developed scar tissue in left breast. Had surgery to remove scar tissue - new bags. Last year... READ MORE

Unbearable Pain in my Right Breast, Which Has an Implant. Does It Need to Be Removed?

The implant was done in 1997. It hurts when I use my right arm, when I lie on my belly and even when it's not being engaged at all. Could I just have... READ MORE

Will a lift help my breasts look more 'normal?' (Photo)

Had 32 D implants for 10 yrs and 10 mo. ago I had them removed bc I no longer wanted them. I now am size 32 A which is about my size before implants.... READ MORE

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